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This life story can compete with the best thrilles of world cinema.

There are no words to describe the outrage of German Jugendamt, so I'll try just to retell this hell story...

Until 2011, Sonia and Marcus Bergfeld lived happily with their five children in the German city of Alsfeld.
The family occupied the second floor of the parental home with all the amenities, the grandmother actively helped with the upbringing of children.

There was no need in anything, they really had a happy life. Kids studied, the family was close to the church community, and actively participated in the life of the parish. Children had different hobbie and attended different additional classes.

The youngest boy Tyrone was born with congenital heart disease, so a special ultrasound monitor was equipped at home, through which parents could monitor his health.

The fairytale was over when Jugendampt was involved into their private life.

In the kids summer camp сhildren were prescribed to take medicines against a very doubtful disease - hyperactivity and attention deficit.

Here it should be mentioned that this disease and its treatment have been controversial since the 1970s.
The existence of it is doubted by many scientists, doctors, teachers and parents. Some believe that such a disease simply does not exist.
The treatment of this magic disease is even more doubtful!
In the case of the Bergfeld family, the treatment was methylphenidate and other drugs that are central nervous system (CNS) stimulants of the phenethylamine and piperidine classes!
So it's similar to amphetamine!! (popularly called baby cocaine).

it is harmful to health, especially with long-term use, has a huge number of contraindications, especially in diseases associated with the cardiovascular system, is addictive, leads to destruction of internal organs etc.
Moreover, it can lead to depression, which often provokes suicide among the children.

In the Russian Federation, the drug is classified as a narcotic drug, is prohibited and disused.

The parents refused to give this drug to their kids. Moreover, they had a document from their family doctor who also was against such "treatment" because it was "dangerous for life".

The camp doctor called Jugendamt complaining that the doctor’s recommendations were not followed and that their children were in danger, and it was a fatal day for this family...

Soon at 5 am when all members of the family were sleeping, a large squad of police in masks and with machine guns, accompanied by five Jugendamt employees, broke into the house.

They did not have any documents for taking kids away, or court decisions on the deprivation of parental rights.
The father was shocked by such treachery and tried to protect the children, who were scared to death!

For resisting, the father was brutally beaten with an iron baton in presence of kids and the wife, and then handcuffed to a radiator.

All children were taken away from home and taken to different children's orphanages. They were forbidden to communicate with their parents, as well as with each other.

The children were taken away on July 14, 2011, and already on July 22, 2011, the court deprived Sonia and Marcus of parental rights.

They fought for the restoration of their parenthood, appealed to all instances, but didnt succed...

The reason for this decision in documents of Jugendamt is that they are allegedly “ were dressed not accordingly to the season, were walking in cold weather barefoot and in short shorts. They were not fed. The children are upbrought ina wrong way. They don't know what truth and lie is.”

Another reason is indicated as the low level of parents' intelligence (although both of them have a higher education) and inability of parents to "implement" help from the juvenile system.

Cases of taking kids away from families in Germany

The parents couldn't live without their kids, and they began their long fight with the system and the Jugendampt, but they didn't expect it would lead to the death...

Dear friends, the story is so long and complicated, that I'll divide it into several parts.

to be continued...

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Thank You, Friends!

Oh! I so feel for that family and to know that that is going on in this day and age. To have your whole life torn apart like that because of the refusal to give your kids drugs!


thank you for reading!

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Да... действительно сюжет как в отличном трийлере...