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Just a few days ago I was watching the news and was hit with a very sad story. This is a story which shows how negligent the Child Protection Service can be and how cold they can be to the cries of many American citizens and I wonder how an agency which was put in place to protect its citizens, would turn around to be the pain inflicted on its citizens.

The story I heard over the news was that of late Aniya Day-Garret (RIP), a little girl of 4 years who was abused by her mother and supposed boyfriend. The little girl has been abused by her mother over the course of 4 years which means that she was abused from the time of her birth to the time she died. The little girl never for one day enjoyed what it meant to live in a world free from violence. She was tortured in the unruliest way and was never cared for. I wonder why a mother could be this heartless. What a wicked world.

Aniya’s daycare teacher became suspicious when she noticed the bruises and head fractures on the girl’s head from brutally being beaten and abused. She couldn’t help but report her suspicion to the Child Protection Service (CPS). After her frist report, nothing was done about it and she reported again, yet nothing was done about it. After reporting a number of times, the CPS threw the case out and did absolutely nothing about it.

The father of the little girl tried all his best to gain full custody of his baby girl and even went ahead to report child neglect and abuse to the CPS but the CPS and police department failed to comply and yet again did nothing serious about the case. All they did was schedule a meeting for him with Sierra Day (Aniya’s mother) and a case worker the following week but unfortunately, Aniya was murdered in cold blood before then.


Little baby Aniya was murdered by Sierra Day and her boyfriend. By the time the medics got to the scene of the crime, little baby Aniya had no life in her and remained unresponsive. It was reported that she was beaten, burned and starved to death.





This story got tears rolling out of my eyes and even as I write this piece, I am writing it in tears. The system created to protect little baby Aniya failed her just when she needed them the most. My heart bleed currently for this little girl and bleeds more for her dear father who did all he could to get his lovely daughter out of the mess she was in, but nobody listened to him.



Now the girl is dead, Sierra Day and her boyfriend have been arrested and have been arraigned in court. Isn’t this what we call medicine after death? This is a situation that could have been avoided but wasn’t due to neglect on the part of CPS.

This story is still developing as all the details aren’t known at the moment but the question in the mouth of many is…WILL ANIYA DAY’S FATHER SUE THE CPS FOR CHILD NEGLECT?

I will surely keep you all updated as the story unfolds. I hope justice be done for the little girl.



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This was one of the most heart wrenching stories . The poor lil girl w as s terrified. I pray he can find peace to continue and keep telling her story so we can stop people like these.


Yea dear it's a very sad story. May her soul rest in perfect peace.