‘No more scooping children’: Canada, Indigenous leaders announce plan to co-develop child welfare legislation

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I will categorize this one: I’ll believe it when I see it, and when are you going to fund equitably as you’ve been ordered to do by the courts?

The Federal Government in Canada is going to enact legislation to end the scooping of Native children, in consultation with Aboriginal groups. Forgive my lack of trust on this matter as they are always, allegedly doing this. Adding to this cynicism is the fact that Perry Bellegarde, of the Assembly of First Nations stands behind the Minister at this announcement. The AFN, once again, is not a representative body!

For more, please refer to the following article:

‘No more scooping children’: Canada, Indigenous leaders announce plan to co-develop child welfare legislation https://aptnnews.ca/2018/11/30/no-more-scooping-children-canada-indigenous-leaders-announce-plan-to-co-develop-child-welfare-legislation/

-photo via article.

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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When researching groups, became perplexed on why sometimes children would have no name. Not that they where beheld by their parents to a lesser degree; rather an aspect of sacredness. Anyway, indigenous children with out a name was 86 times more likely of being abducted or warded to a province. Insane.

I won't hold my breath either on federal changes...

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“Every day in this country, on our watch, someone walks into a home, or perhaps a hospital room, where a First Nations or Inuit or Metis mother has given birth, and that baby, toddler or child is taken away from their family,”

The right to self determination includes the right to give your kids fetal alcohol syndrome? It seems like its always everyone's fault but yours.

Its your own fault if you got your kids taken away because you are a drunk. Your race is irrelevant.