Pretty Much Everything Else is OK When Undercover

That includes drug transport and trafficking outside the US, as well as human trafficking.

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A secret ICE training manual, one of several acquired and released by news collective Unicorn Riot and reported on by Vice News prohibits agents murdering and raping, robbing and aggravated assault. But other crimes are not only permitted but even encouraged, including providing official training for some crimes. As an example, any agent that is contemplating human trafficking is advised to consult “the Human Smuggling and Trafficking Unit for policy and procedures ”

Nor have Human rights been been a priority for President Donald trump, who championed torture in his first television interview as president.

The Trump administration has also repeatedly jettisoned international agreements and treaties, most recently dropping membership in the UNHRC.This is not hard to understand considering the historic and ongoing US violation of Human rights globally.

A consequence of such violations is a fear that US military and political figures would be arrested and prosecuted if they travel to such court's jurisdictions, therefore the US shuns the International Criminal Court and other international tribunals and treaties who seek to bring rights violators to account.
Torturer Gina Haspel, recently appointed by Trump to head the CIA, is in that quandary.

CIA Torture1.jpg

Such arrogant 'US Exceptionalism and America First' attitudes have resulted in blowback, including the Trump Administration's recent loss of the leadership of the UN Migration Agency.

However the tendency for the US to officially, if secretly, violate immigrants' rights clearly predates Trump. The manual in question is dated April 2008 but it was in use as recently as 2016.
That would make it a President junior George Bush creation.President Barack Obama obviously kept it functioning and undercover; he certainly didn't make an issue of the comprised human rights violations.

photo: Vice News

President Trump has doubled down on rights violations with his recent policies literally pulling immigrant children from their parents' arms. As revulsive as that is, Trump has had stalwart support in the practise. His Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the Bible justifies family separation, but it seems he's grasping at straws. The passage he referred to speaks of obeying higher authorities, and does not refer to tearing families asunder. Bible scholars note that numerous passages in the Bible endeavor to strengthen the family, and Sessions, a Sunday School teacher, should know that.

Some Canadian political leaders did make an issue of US human rights violations, at least in the matter of ICE separating immigrant children from their parents. One was Liberal Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who 'ripped' "Trump Administration’s Child Border Policy". However, that was a flip-flop because Trudeau had up to that point resisted pressure to oppose family separation.

trudeau and trump howafrica.jpg
photo: howafrica

On 20 June 2018 Trudeau finally found a pair and called Trump wrong to separate parents and children, but ironically it turns out that Canada has been following similar practices.
This puts Mr. Trudeau in a tight spot.
Adding to his problem is that this was not just a Liberal policy; the leader of the United Conservative Party in Alberta and a member of the Legislative Assembly Jason Kenney has for a long time publicly supported jailing kids. Kenney was the citizenship and immigration minister in the Harper government in 2012, and it was his policy to lock up child refugees, including toddlers, in" heavy security detention facilities across Canada."

Canada also has a sordid history and continuing practice of seizing Aboriginal children from their families, often on sparse or non-existent justification, even by the official standards.
But at least Canada's history of Aboriginal abuse it's not as bad as Palestine where the "most moral army in the world" the IDF kills Palestinian children, including babies. So this is a step up for Canada, especially since the Canadian Aboriginal Apartheid system originally inspired that of South Africa.

Better yet, not all Canadian politicians are that treacherous. On 28 June 2018 the Alberta NDP’s Ministry of Children’s Services made public a plan to "overhaul child interventions in the province."
This is a rare bright spot in the picture. Canada's Border Services Agency (CBSA) operates without any oversight, so it is no surprise that rights violations are rife. For one example, a Canadian Citizen was wrongly imprisoned by the CBSA for eight months. Olajide Ogunya is a black man, but that must be a coincidence since Canada has laws barring discrimination.

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