Michigan "Child Protective Services"...so bad even the Communist Detroit Free Press is noticing.

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"Child Protective Services" (CPS) has a deservedly bad reputation, nationwide, and it is only getting worse. With the recent revelations that many people who are supposed to be protecting children have actually been involved (to one degree or another) in allowing them to be sexually abused by the rich, powerful and unaccountable, more and more people are sitting up and asking questions. Some of those questions, God bless them, are FINALLY even beginning to come from our elected "representatives" at the state and federal levels.

A recent investigation into allegations of major problems in The State of Michigan CPS, for example, has found that there have been immense lapses in protocol, personnel judgment, etc., etc. Check out this article in that great bastion of free-expression and investigative journalism (cough...wheeze!), The Detroit Free Press:


Here is a key excerpt from the link above:

"The report from Auditor General Doug Ringler says the agency failed to collect mandated reports of the whereabouts and safety of children, failed to investigate criminal background checks of parents with histories of abuse and did not obtain medical examinations of children. The agency now has 60 days to submit a plan of correction to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services."

Sound familiar? If you've read "The Franklin Coverup" or listened to this amazing Youtube:

....it sure would.

(Michigan State Capital Building)

The people who are the worst abusers of children, invariably, it seems, are involved in government, and often in positions that provide access to children for the titular purpose of "keeping children safe." (Hello, Roman Catholic Church...) No wonder many are NOT being investigated. I mean, just that one phrase from the excerpt: "failed to investigate criminal background checks of parents with histories of abuse" should be enough to make the skin of all good people CRAWL! How is that possible?! Where is the accountability??

We need to keep an eye on this situation to see if the people who were not investigated ever do get investigated, and if not, we need to have The Michigan Militia march on the Michigan CPS HQ and ask "why not?!," IN LARGE NUMBERS.

If that last excerpt didn't grind your gears, this one surely will:

"According to the report, MDHHS did not complete criminal background checks in more than 50 percent of cases involving child abuse or neglect. The report said nearly 30 percent of the cases that were reviewed by the agency involved an individual with a felony or misdemeanor. The agency did not conduct face-to-face interviews nor did investigators promptly document interviews with children or provide reasoning as to why an interview was not recorded, the report says. The agency also did not verify, nor document, the safety and whereabouts of children in 13 percent of cases reviewed, according to the report."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? Why, pray tell, are people with criminal records being allowed anywhere near children (at massive taxpayer expense) in the first place??? These are people who can not get a gun, or visit Canada, or fly, (or...insert many other examples) and yet they can handle children on OUR DIME? Something is very, very rotten in the State of Michigan, and the USA, Inc.'s "child protection" milieu more generally.

Time for a clean sweep.

Can I get an "Amen," on that?

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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Fantastic! Thanks. God bless the children and their real protectors!

Sadly, I have come to the conclusion none of this is by accident. The people setting up these systems of exploitation OWN most (if not all) of our politicians and judges. That is why after decades and decades there is no

Where is the accountability??

In their minds things are working as they should, other than the fact sometimes people like family protection and others who believe we are more than cattle to be exploited in any way they want comes along sets back one of their exploits.

  • They restrict our access to medicines to artificially high pharmaceuticals, often classifying/restricting our access to natural substances. Gee, I wonder why medicine is so high?

  • They harass parents into sending their kids to programming centers called schools. Children who may show signs of being unprogrammable because they exhibit signs they are strong enough to see through the lies are to be drugged.

  • They poison our foods, our waters to make us sick. They demand that we live with technology that makes us sick and steals years from our lives (5G being the latest form they desire for our control and sickness).

  • They kidnap our children with no accountability. They can literally decide your child is coveted and then make up whatever the hell they want to take them. The men in blue with their guns will ensure you comply, and the kangaroo court will rubber stamp it after the fact. From my research it takes a parent of vast resources and critical thinking skills to thwart this dynamic, an arsenal the average citizen lacks.

I could go on with this list indefinitely, but I sure hope people start waking up to the idea none of this is the result of bumbling idiots year after year. If it was, sometimes things would fall on the side of being super good for us. Yet it never does fall that way. Mathematically impossible.

All citizens, especially parents, need to be educated on this war of exploitation waged on them. It grows more sophisticated with each year, and what our children face is unlike anything we have seen.


Outstanding reply, and PACKED with truth. Thanks so much!

Ah, so you did view it. Good. Appreciate your writings.


Oh Yes. I think I had seen it years ago, but it was good to refresh myself on the details. Thanks!

you make a great point when saying the most common abusers are those chosen/given the particular task of keeping them safe.


Thanks. Yeah. I think there must be a special low level in hell for such people.