CPS profit motive...the fatal flaw.

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Those who question the efficacy of so-called "Child Protective" "Services" (CPS) are starting to make major inroads into the public conscious of the major industrialized nations. The child seizure rates by this rapacious government-sponsored terrorist organization are rapidly approaching levels where there is a very real risk of the people rising up and taking their kids back by force.

Many pro-family, anti-CPS groups have been working to reform much of the way the CPS milieu operates, and just yesterday we wrote about one organized group (The Texas Republican Party) that is finally calling for the outright abolishment of the whole system. The gravest issue, as I see it and about which I have complained here many times, is the profit motive that infuses the way CPS operates in many nations. What I mean by that is any program that provides payments to CPS, its affiliates, or its sub-contractors (i.e. foster homes, and other detention facilities) by the number of children seized by parents.

The inherent problem with such programs should be so obvious that such payment systems would never have been implemented in the first place. If lawmakers truly could not foresee that such programs would result in unnecessary trauma for children and families, then they literally were never intellectually capable enough to be in any position to make laws for others.

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Here is an excellent article that discusses the CPS "profit motive" scandal in detail, with anecdotes and loads of links to other articles and studies on this issue, and links to resources for parents and other caregivers, as well:


Here are a couple key excerpts from the link above, mostly dealing with the issue from CPS in the USA:

"Up to 3100 kids in the state's custody were nowhere to be found in 2011 to 2012, a report filed Thursday by Illinois Auditor General Bob Holland says. 'There should be no higher priority for DCFS than ensuring the safety and welfare of children in the state’s care,' State Rep. Patti Bellock (R-Hinsdale) said. 'These audit findings underscore the agency’s failure to meet that most basic necessity and how the lives of literally thousands of young people have been jeopardized as a result'."

Note that there is no indication that the numbers for the purposes of federal funds were adjusted downward for all these missing kids in Illinois until AFTER the audit was forced upon them. And, there is plenty of indications from elsewhere that these numbers are never adjusted until those adjustments are FORCED on the agency...i.e. not only do CPS personnel never want to admit that they "lost" (or SOLD into sex trafficking pipelines) their "clients" both for financial purposes, and for public-retribution reasons.

Another excerpt:

"It appears...that the first concern of the family courts is not justice, but federal funding. Judge Brain makes it clear that if they do not remove the child from the parent immediately, they will lose federal funding. Quote:

'If you are removing a child, in a Contrary to the Welfare finding, that order is mandatory. If you do not make that finding whenever you remove that child from a placement, you’re forfeiting federal funds… The federal government says that if you did not make that (decision) right at the outset the first time through, you’re not going to get any federal money for those services, ever… CPS is going to have a kid they cannot pay for.'

The evidence seems to point to the suggestion that Maria Hoffman is not a true family advocate serving the State Legislature at all, but rather a protector of the Family Court judges removing children from homes. Why? We have reported previously that judges have a very large financial motive to put as many children into foster care as they can. A video clip from the Arizona Judicial Branch government website from their Dependency Video Series training Family Court Judges on how to handle Dependency cases in family court..."

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That may be "the hottest" segment of the whole report, and the link to the video is a "must follow." Rarely, does the public get this kind of glimpse into the cozy and incestuousl relationship between these un-Constitutional quasi-"court" justices and their kindred spirits inside the equally un-Constitutional CPS apparatus. This judge, and hundreds just like him, needs to be defrocked and sent to prison.

This is the real fatal flaw of the entire CPS milieu. The profit motive is corrupt and eminently corrupting, and it is maintained inviolable by corrupt "justices" in these un-Constitutional Courts. The situation is so bad (and the stakes so high for those "on the take" inside the system) that were the U.S. Congress to ever actually get off their duffs and legislate the profit motive away, it is, in my opinion, very likely that judges would over-rule the Congress citing (of course) "child welfare" and "endangerment" concerns. In short, they would use whatever type of legal gymnastics they could dram up to try to prevent a reform of this key component of CPS corruption.

This is why many people concerned about reigning in CPS are beginning to coalesce around outright abolishment. If we do get enough impetus for this, it is imperative that we also go back to CONSTITUTIONAL courts. All of these bogus quasi courts (however named)..."family court," "juvenile court, "youth court" etc., exist SOLELY TO FLOUT AND SKIRT PROPER DUE PROCESS and to enforce the will of the state against parents. You can not eliminate CPS without also eliminating the entire "color-of-law", "legal -precedent" monstrosity that supports and enforces it.

Any reform efforts that do not address the profit motive (and also the mandatory reporting fiasco) is probably not worth the time and effort. In order to bring CPS to heal, we have got to hit them where it matters (and where the courts can't help reverse the "adverse" impacts to the system of the reforms) and that has to involve taking money form them. Money is power. As long as CPS gets paid more for every child they can get into their custody massive abuses will continue.

Stop the madness. The very concept of government agencies that exist "for profit" should be a major ideological concern in a Republic, from the get-go. There should be something very obvious about a "service" agency not truly doing any "service" if that "service" involves taking more tax money from the people to do a worse job "protecting" children than the families from which their "clients" are seized.

Enough is enough.

Stop feeding the beast.

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