CPS and the NWO: No respite, no escape.

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Orwell's world is a already here. Total government control over every aspect of human life is available to TPTB, and just needs one more major faux terrorist attack to become fully implemented. When the United Nations declares itself, openly, to be the world government it has been becoming for decades, the western "Child Protective" "Services" (CPS) milieu that it has helped to spawn will be finally all-encompassing and inescapable.

A big part of the New World Order is the assumption that the global police state has a right to COMPLETE control of everything, and that no authority below that can have any relevance whatsoever whenever the needs of the global state are deemed to be at stake. The CPS systems of the western world almost seem to have been assured the final roll-out is coming and, with a wink and a nod, told to go ahead and proceed as though a full declaration has already been made. We see that level of arrogance all the time. We see that level of assumption of power all the time.

A big part of the drive for elimination of parental rights is found in the "U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child" and in its stated assumed rights of the emerging world government to make all decisions with regard to children, especially as it relates to the family environment. When reading that document, the flowery feel-good language can be intoxicatingly agreeable, so one must think through the IMPLICATIONS of what is actually being said not to be caught up in the intentional feelings of "trust" and "good will" it attempts to instill.

Quoting from the introduction:

"Bearing in mind that, as indicated in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, 'the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth,' Recalling the provisions of the Declaration on Social and Legal Principles relating to the Protection and Welfare of Children, with Special Reference to Foster Placement and Adoption Nationally and Internationally;"

This comes after some glowing talk about the family being important, and blah, blah, blah...UNLESS, of course, the world government decides that it is the best interests of THE CHILD who, by this document, is granted special rights never granted in Christian societies, previously; and furthermore, that should the world government need to reclaim THEIR children from the family they've been loaned to, the world government gets the right to decide on placement. The United States is NOT yet a signatory to this horrendous document, but most of the rest of the world is, and the pressure for the U.S. Senate to ratify is ongoing and unrelenting.

Until the world government is openly declared, the various elements of the CPS systems of the western world are acting, on their own, as though that final seizure of ultimate authority over children has already occurred. The open practice of this belief may vary, by degree, from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but it is omnipresent, nonetheless. Parents who have been caught in the CPS web have been forced into a corner. If their children have already been seized, they have little choice but to find that one-in-a-thousand lawyer/barrister who hates the CPS assumption of parental authority and has the requisite knowledge as to how to successfully take on the bureaucracy to get the children back. At best, this is a difficult, long-drawn out and uncertain process, and for many parents, they simply never meet that "right lawyer."

So, the options begin to race through the mind, and skipping off from one jurisdiction to another, and/or kidnapping one's own children (as if that were a real "crime") are often considered. Here is a very interesting discussion of what that entails:


The comments are definitely worth looking through as parents (and others) pour out their hearts about their attempts to find respite from the CPS nightmare that is pursuing them. The bottom line...THERE IS NO GUARANTEE that fleeing will work...and the results are extremely variable. When skipping from one state/province to another, it seems there can be some relief, as long as the state/province lacks a tight relationship with the CPS jurisdiction from which the family is seeking protection. Some states will not extradite on demand in the USA, but it seems that many jurisdictions will, especially in the British Empire and its colonies, dependencies and dominions.

Check out this excerpt from the link above:

"Even if you did manage to rescue your children and run, you would not only be in hiding but you would also be on the news as having kidnapped your children. I know, the irony of being accused of kidnapping one’s own children, when one is simply trying to keep them safe from the kidnappers, is not at all lost on me. I distinctly recall a CPS worker saying to me when I simply said that I was so afraid for my children’s safety that I was thinking to try to find a refuge:- 'We will hunt you down.' That says an awful lot, really. Slander is very strong and sticky and CPS are very good at cursing the targets with it so that it does a lot of damage. Be very careful and think hard on what you will do, this may not be the best option I’m afraid."

Of course, the above is a warning to those thinking about grabbing their own kids back from a foster situation or some type of holding facility. For those who are just currently being threatened with removal, moving to another state may be a viable option. I would suggest reading as much as you can about what states seem to have a CPS milieu that is less harsh and that still values parental rights, at least to some modest degree. Make the right decision if you're going to move to be sure you are not jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Fleeing the country can be an option if you are not under a court order to yield up your children already, but again, that requires lots of research. You need to not only know what that country's immigration policies are, but you need to know what their CPS-related history is like, especially v.v. the jurisdiction from which you are fleeing. You should speak the language and have access to your money and be sure that it can not be rendered inaccessible to you by court order. (Cryptos are a good alternative in this area, still--for now--as would be carrying however much gold the host country will permit you to carry in.)

Then, of course, there is always the sad possibility that the final faux terrorist attack will happen, and the world will change overnight. The "right to travel" of American citizens, for example, are always under attack, and the new "Real ID" laws that apply across the country now--despite being rejected by several states' legislatures--will soon prevent travel without a national I.D.-approved form of identification. You can be placed on a "no fly" list by CPS edict without your knowledge. In short, fleeing internationally is going to be impossible as soon as the global PTB finally make that final grasp for "the One Ring to Unite us all" (in tyranny.)

A very well-constructed plan might succeed, especially if you are looking to move internally. But, research is imperative, and the plan needs to be really carefully devised, reviewed and re-reviewed. Every contingency must be considered. Plans A, B C for each possible monkey wrench must be considered. If you are going to do it, do it soon. There will come a time when it will not even be possible.

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