Another case displaying the "finest" elements of CPS hubris and abuse.

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This is one of those cases you hear about whispered over water coolers and 4-day-old turkey know, the "Child Protective" "Services" (CPS) horror story that, when you hear it told, you are sure it's made up--or at least "enhanced," until you pick up a paper later and read that it s absolutely factual. Michigan, once again, is, sadly, in the cross hairs of such a story once again.

It all began several weeks ago when a little boy named Ethan was born to a mother, Kim Hawkins, who does have a slight learning disability. They little boy was born slightly premature and had low APGAR scores, but that was only used as a pretext to keep the child after he was seized from Kim's custody while still in the hospital. As the boy's Grandfather, Mr. Nell tells us, the original reason the child was taken from Kim is even more pitiful:

"The grandfather told us, 'What they're not saying fully is my daughter has a disability and, when she is told by someone with a profession, she listens. And he told her that her son had to stay swaddled at all times because his temperature was dropping,' Nell said. 'That's why she didn't change his diaper; she was in fear if she took that off, his temperature was going to drop'."

So, here you have a frightened new mother trying her very best to follow all the instructions coming at her from the many different voices in an intimidating and enormous bright-lights setting that is new and uncomfortable to begin with. She processes everything the best that she is able, and makes a simple mistake and "BOOM!" the child is seized. IS this not a thousand times worse than someone calling Kim a "retard?" Where are all the liberal SJW's that should be coming to her heated and very visible-and-vocal aid? Where are the marches, the bullhorns, the calls for resignations??

DOUBLE STANDARDS are at the very basis of the giant "medical"-CPS-Law-enforcement-courts web that surrounds all new parents with the very real threat that they can lose their children to the state at the drop of the hat, for little or no reason. What makes Ethan's case even worse, is that Michigan, infamously, now several weeks later, has not even communicated to the mother (or the willing adoptive grandparents, backing her up) what they need to do to get little Ethan back.

Here is a second brief excerpt:

"The grandfather said he questions why the family wasn't considered to take Ethan into custody. CPS said that policy prefers the placement of children with a relative but that other factors are considered. 'They are focused on the wrong people, but yet CPS is all about keeping the family together. In my opinion, I think they are keeping the wrong family together,' said Nell."

The CPS family will ALWAYS ride roughshod over the family, as long as the unbroken chain of insulation between them an accountability is not shaken in anyway by the people. You would think that a new mother having her baby stolen and given no explanation as to when the child would (or could) be returned would be enough to stir people to action, but not anymore. We are, apparently, already tightly wrapped in totalitarian inactivity, brainwashing and acceptance of nanny state omnipotence. If this had happened a hundred years ago in that same part of Michigan, the people would have stormed that hospital--with the help of the sheriff--and that baby would be home with mom and the grandparents, and some doctors would be in very deep trouble. But ...not anymore. People have been programmed to accept that government is the ultimate parent. The people have given up the right to be a check on tyranny, as the real meaning of "patriot" demands that they be.

Perhaps, the saddest thing of all in this particular case is that this story is already three weeks old. It was a major media report that was actually a balanced story, and yet nothing has changed. There was supposed to have been a hearing a few days after the article was written, and the Fox 47 team that did the report had promised to do a follow up story, and yet....crickets. If anybody does know if anything new is scheduled, please do let me know, and at least I WILL follow up with an update.

Thanks all.

May one of our New Year's resolutions be to be better citizens, and to be politically active when justice demands it.

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