Is It Time For A Spring Clean In The @familyprotection Community?

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Ok! Before I start I would like to say that this is just MY opinion and I need some feedback from the @familyprotection community before I make any decisions, I also need this to be approved by @canadian-coconut who has no idea I am writing this post.

As some of you know I had a tough upbringing, this has hindered me in many aspects of my life but it has also given me an inner strength that has protected me in many ways. I am also not afraid to speak my mind when I feel it's needed.

What Is This All About?

We have been getting some much needed help with the day to day running of @familyprotection. Among other things, we've had some help with trying to keep track of who is donating a proportions of their rewards back to the cause and how much they are donating.

Why Is This Important?

It matters hugely in my eye's because if certain members are taking liberties with @familyprotection then it can have a huge knock on effect with the members who are doing their bit. Imagine if you donate 25% of your liquid rewards to FP but then you see people who never or very rarely give back, this will, and often does lead to bad feeling in the FP community. I know from personal experience because I donate a decent amount of my rewards from my FP posts back to the community.

What Will Happen If I Don't Give Back?

Ok, This is where I need the communities feedback, If it was up to me, then we should no longer be upvoting or resteeming posts from people who are obviously here for the money and I'm sure after a few failed attempts to cash in on our good nature then we would most likely not hear from these people again. If you have an opinion on this matter please let me know in the comment section of this post.


Excuses! Excuses! Excuses!

I know that it's not always that simple, and that some people are in a situation where they really need that money, this is all good and well but I would like to remind some people that without our generosity and willingness to help, you would most likely be getting very little in the way of rewards, so the way I see it, a percentage of something is better than nothing. Again your feedback is welcomed and I don't think this should be the case in VERY extreme cases like @hickorymack who REALLY needs every penny she can get to keep her children away from the legal kidnappers.

Some People Really Piss Me Off!

I won't name names, but some people who have been getting HUGE payouts are showing their true colours. One account has pulled in a massive $1.643 in total rewards and out of that they have only donated about $90, What A Fucking Joke! I'm sorry but this is just unacceptable and if it was up to me then this person would have been dropped a long time ago!

Good Cop, Bad Cop.

We are very lucky to have the presents of a true angel in our community, she really cares about the well being of so many people here on steemit and will often show how much she cares by means of upvoting with her enormous whale vote! Yes I'm talking about @canadian-coconut, this woman really does have a heart of gold but it seems certain people are taking advantage of Ca-Co's good nature!


Unfortunately for those people who are taking advantage, we also have a former street kid in this community who knows all the tricks in the book and can smell a rat a mile off, yes that's me @markwhittam. Up until now this street kid has been sitting back and patiently waiting for other members in the community to stand up and speak out against the takers, in previous posts I have express my opinion on this matter but the takers are continuing to show no sign that they really care and really want to help.

I would like to remind everyone that we can't force anybody to donate some of their rewards back to the cause, all we can do is stop supporting such people, and lets face it, we could really do without these parasites.

Closing Thoughts!

I really need some feedback from the community on this one! and I also don't want to cause unrest in the community but it had to be said. Can we, as a community come to some sort of agreement on how we should deal with this problem, I am sure that some of you are unaware of such behaviour and to be honest, I was unaware to the extent of this problem and I would like to thank @eco-alex for taking time from his many projects to compile a hit list, and a shit list of all our donors! Expect to see the hit list in the future fp posts, But Please don't make me publish the shit list, because you know I will!


Previous Rants from the Bad Cop.

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How 2 donate to @familyprotection

Spamming of The @familprotection Tag


Look out for the Up and coming
rants from no more Mr Nice Guy!

We Are Not A Vote Buying Service!

Please Put More Effort into Your Posts if You Want to Be Taken Seriously.

We Are Only Human, and We Don't Have All The Answers!



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I really hope that the perpetrators do the right thing.
It’s a fair warning you’ve given to those who haven’t done right by the movement.
Well said @markwhittam and kudos to you, @canadian-coconut and everyone else involved in #familyprotection


Great! Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated =)

I feels good that people understand me because I am aware that I can be a bit of an arse sometimes.


Hey,. Sometimes it takes being an arse to get your point across. 3 words to keep in mind... Firm... Fair ... and Consistent ...

Thank-you @markwhittam for putting this question out there.
I can be naive and you can be cynical -- but we usually balance each other out pretty well.
It will be great to hear what the community also has to say.

Hopefully some people reading this post will modify their behaviour now that you have spelled out your expectations so clearly.


Thank you @canadian-coconut!

Yes! That's true we do compliment each other quite well =)

You have managed to keep me on a short leash for the most part, but I felt this was a problem that could cause some real unrest in the community and I wanted to bring it to their attention in my own special way ;)

Thanks for your support on this issue and yes, I hope that this hits home for those few that are not playing ball, it's a shame too because I don't want to lose anybody.

I can't do anything but agree with what you are saying @markwhittam. @canadian-coconut is a true diamond (well, I'd say gem, because I don't like diamonds lol). The situation @hickorymack was/is in, is important to note and I don't think anyone will hold it against her. I think that's what this community is for and I am hoping to see similar things happen in the future where people are truly helped out of a very bad situation. I completely understand that if people who donate a portion every time see that others don't do this, would be feeling like others take advantage, and it sure looks that way with behavior like that. Personally, I haven't always donated especially in the beginning. But, then I decided to donate the sbd from the steemian of the year post I made as I did it for Family Protection and not for myself. And later for the others I did. I was in a worse situation before, but even now, I still need money (who doesn't?). However, I think this project is too important not to support it in whichever way I can, so even if some of my bills aren't paid yet, I always think: this is money I wouldn't have had a couple of months ago so I can live without it now. I'll make it in other ways, I just have to step it up a bit. Now that being said, I don't check others and what they donate and when, I simply don't want to, so I'd be the last person to say something about it or even think it about that person. They have their reasons for not donating, I have mine for donating. But I do feel, that if there is a cause worthy of supporting, it is Familyprotection, so I hope everyone here feels the same way. I hope your post changes the way people think, because they might not even be aware of any wrongdoings. Love & Peace to everyone here in this community.


Thank you @misslasvegas!

We do what we can, but in some cases people are not doing much in the way of contributing even though they are clearly getting rewarded!

In the beginning of familyprotection, which was when you started writing fp post, the @familyprotection vision was not that clear, I didn't even know what direction it was going to take, but by know it is very clear, although maybe not for certain people.

I want to say that we value everyone's input now matter how big or small, but it has become apparent that this method does not work with certain people who for some reason believe that @familyprotection is nothing but a cash machine!

Thanks for your feedback on this issue and I value your honesty =)

I have been feeling that way for awhile now. I see quite a few writers donating some of their rewards back but then a lot of others never or very rarely do. It seems the ones the publish a post for the @familyprotection account the most often, are the ones that rarely or never donate. It does come off as if they are draining the rewards system and only in it to make a big hit for themselves. I definitely understand @hickorymack’s situation and I agree she needs every penny to protect her family right now.

My opinion would be to make a statement and do as you already stated, stop giving them the whale upvotes until they realize they really need to give back to the cause. However, I think they should have the chance to explain to you and Linda if they have a dire situation (if they really can’t donate and need every penny) before this happens. It might take a personal message to those that do not donate to really seek “why” they are not supporting back. I agree something needs to be done in order to keep funds coming back into this account so families can benefit from the monies.

Another opinion is this, since you all have Soooooo many posts to get through daily and there are Soooooo many new writers maybe there could be a limit set for how many upvotes per writer gets per week. I say this because some writers write every day and some a few times a week. Maybe there can be a limit to each writer that contributes...for instance they get the whale upvotes up to twice per week instead of daily. Their post can still be Resteemed to spread the information. I’m just throwing something out there but I know this may mean you would have to record more things and keep track of how many relevant posts everyone makes. I’m just trying to think of ways to make it easier on you all as well as spreading out the upvotes. But at the same time I don’t want to take away from those that do work hard to get great informative posts out there.


This is why I only vote on the ones that have been resteemed by the familyprotection account. I feel if it is there they have approved it and it is not spam or completwly unrelated. I think it should also add that these are the ones that have donated or are brand new.


I too only vote for the posts that have already been Resteemed by them. They do the hard part for us, fishing out the relevant ones from the non-relevant.

Well that’s just the thing, I believe some of the posts that are Resteemed are from users that Mark is addressing here in this post. That is why he is reaching out for suggestions on what to do about this. Everyone is still getting the upvotes whether they have donated or not. But now it’s reaching the point where some tough decisions are gonna have to be made by the leadership.


make a list of people that donate after each reward. I understand if someone really needs it for whatever reason maybe if a person has always donated and than informs mark that they are in a hardship for whatever reason and simply can not. We all have these types of needs once in a while. Or when a new poster comes into the community they are allowed 1 post that they are forgiven that they did not donate. You know send them a message reminding them just how important it is that they donate back into the cause.
Besides these reasons there should be no excuses on why they are not donating. So when a new post comes up if the person has proven they are not donating their post does not get resteemed. I can go into the familyprotection tag at any given time and click on to see new results and a huge list of spam comes up. I do not vote on any of those even if I read it and believe it belongs because I do not know why FP has not resteemed it. I know they also look to make sure it is not something that is simply been copy and paste as well as the content itself. So I have no way of knowing if a post is like that or not. So I do not vote on it. Which is why I said that Mark should have a list of creators that do not donate and their posts would no longer be resteemed.
Doing this will get rid of the people that are only posting for their benefit and it drains votes that could go towards others that are donating. I know how harsh it sounds but it is rather bothersome to keep seeing the same people with high rewards give little to nothing back.


They already know the ones that are and are not donating. These are the lists Mark mentioned above that @eco-alex has put together. I agree with you and I mentioned this to Mark about sending personal messages to see what’s really going on and giving folks a chance to explain their reasons for not giving back. I also agree the frequent non-givers should not have their posts Resteemed or upvoted with the huge whale votes. Hopefully soon the problem will get under control. It starts with posts like this and people throwing out ideas to try to come up with solutions :)


This should become a rule. I don't know whether familyprotection only upvotes the articles they resteem but it's another way of controlling quality of what is tagged and hopefully reducing tag spamming and tag abuse too.


Thank you @crosheille!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed it, and your right in some cases its our most frequent writers that are taking liberties.

Thank you for voicing your opinion, and I hope as a community we can iron this out with relative ease, it's a shame I had to bring out the big guns but It's not the first time I've brought this up.

I like your suggestion and we'll consider it if we things don't change in the the very near future.

Thanks for your input @crosheille

Edited, ok I'm logging out of the FP account now =)



Oh no, you are definitely not the only one that sees what’s going on around here. It is a shame you have to keep bringing this up but it’s very necessary when dealing with a decentralized plattform. You kind of have to say it LOUD sometimes to get through to some.

I’m glad I could contribute some suggestions :)

Lol, I know it gets confusing running multiple accounts.

Wtg! My opinion, for what it is worth, is that you and @canadian-coconut should set down your ground rules and just go with your gut feeling of what is best for this community. You both are doing an amazing job and I am personally blown away by how much has already been accomplished by this community. It certainly has opened my eyes to the extent of corruption and abuse. The More research I do, the more I realize that I too was brainwashed in a lot of my training with both juvy and job Corp. Whatever you decide, I am certain you will have a majority that will stand behind and support your decisions.


I totally agree with @thethreehugs.


Thank you @thethreehugs!

I appreciate your thoughts on this matter and I believe all of our eyes have been opened to the sheer extent of curruption that goes on Thanks to the existence of cps.

Thanks for your support.


Anytime my friend. Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Like you said, I was not aware of this kind of behavior and you are right we as a community have to do something to fix it and you did the right thing writing this post about it.
I totally agree with you about @canadian-coconut who has the heart of gold and I have all the respect and love for her and I'm sorry that you guys have to go through this selfish act of people here on this fp project when all you are trying to do is help.


Thank you @joalvarez!

It's a shame because I don't want it to be about the money, I would much rather focus on the the real problem at hand, but we are a community and we need unity or we have nothing. I hope this posts brings about change.

Thanks for the feedback

Well done for bringing this up and I think that your first instict is the right way to go. No votes, no leeches. Simples...
It will work and it is about time. Before any of this was mentioned, I took a look at fp's wallet to check donations received and my first impression was OK. But I only looked for a few minutes and I imagine this took @eco-alex a long time to gather this data. Sad that this is going on. IMO and I am open to correction, but part,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 is taking the piss in my book and if I see this I will make sure it is worthy before voting. Some post need to be split up, but some are just doing a "Harry Potter" ans stringing it out.
One pest has already stopped posting because his pay-out started to decrease and I reckon it's a way forward. If you start making strict ules then it will go against the 'Anarchist priciple' of the website(If that's what it truly stands for...Just ask @sift666). Be honest and ask questions first. When I first came to fp I blundered in like a bull and gave nothing back. This was only because I didnt know that is how it worked. It was when @richq11 mentioned that he intended to up-scale his donation rate, that I realised what the score was. After this I have tried to make regular donations from every pay-out. I have heard that I may be on the semi-low side of the scale and I have spoken to Linda about this. Please be aware of my initial ignorance when calculating my percentage as there will be a date that shows when 'the penny dropped'. I think you are right to be pissed off but I am not sure about the name&shame, as it could be a miscalculation(But then if you have some blatant piss-takers I suppose it is good for the community to know who is not on steemit for the right reasons)
Tough one bro, I don't envy you here...."Mo Money, Mo Problems"

Would just like to add an after-thought...

Please do not let this issue get out of control. I have spoke about how Lawful Rebellion was infiltrated and destroyed and it was done by those who were on the inside. They light the fire and watch it burn. Do not let this spoil the good vibe!! Those who wish to see this profile fail will go to great lenghts to see it done and that WILL include creating 2nd profile to stir things up and cause "drama"
Stay cool my friend and remember to sleep on it before you make you next move...
This is a fantastic thing that you have created and it will pay for you to be aware of the tactics that have been used to ruin those who have tried and failed.

I think posts like this are probably the best solution , since awareness often brings about change.. I like the idea of a hit list, where you really show appreciation to those who are participating in this in the way that FP need to make things work... There will always be people who abuse the system, and that is life! I think just stopping the VERY generous upvotes by @canadian-coconut should be enough to send a clear and passive message to those people who are more interested in rewards than the actual point of this whole mission.

I think a LOT of people also dont yet fully appreciate the depth of the problem, as if they did they would surely be supporting the cause more.. But as this list of heartbreaking stories grows i hope and trust that will change..

Mark, you and Linda are just SO dedicated and SO passionate and Strong that im sure everything will only improve in time. What you are doing is HARD work in many senses of the word, and I am honoured to be able to make whatever contribution i can to this.. much love you guys <3

Zap them! Don't put up with it... This is you're community- you're the Daddy and what you say goes (along with Linda). Make it clear- name names! I've been giving at least 10% even on payouts unrelated to @fp... With my financial probs now, if I can do it everyone can! Once I get Toy paid back I'll try to do more (between this and my involvement with @informationwar I'm stretched a little thin, plus I'm supporting 2 families with only what I make on here). Whatever I can do- just say the word! If I'm not doing enough- just say the word! If you don't stand up to the abusers and name names- we don't know who to stand up to... C'mon Dad- you can do this!


Zap them! Hahaha! If only I could =)

You are doing above and beyond for everyone you can and as I'm sure you already know, this rant was in no way directed in your direction, we at @familyprotection really want to help! So anyone in a pickle, like hickorymack or anouk.nox and yourself should never have to feel an obligation to support fp, if anything it should be the other way around, that's part of our mission.

Thanks @richq11!


I feel honored to support (I'll be sending some SBD today I'm waiting for a payout. I didn't want to send $4.08 lol). I'm also honored you allow me to use your tag, I'm grateful more than I can say to both you and Linda. Whenever I read these I keep thinking "God I hope he doesn't mean me!!!"

You need to call out the bad apples so the rest of us can know who they are (or email me a list and by God I'll do it for you!)

I agree 25% is a good amount to donate. The other 25% I am reinvesting back into my account and buy steem power with it. The other 50% I hold in SBD for when I nees the money to cash out or I want the extra steem power. I watch the market and when I see I can buy more steem with it that is what the extra is for. I can alao say that I have needed that money a few times to buy groceries when we were running short on money. But I am greatful for anything. And I agree when someine uses the familyprotection and it gets resteemed to that account they should have to give back. Just please do not raise the amount required past 25%. I know that if a case comes up that really needs the extra amount I will gladly give all that I have. But for the regular amount I like having that extra there for when I really need it.


Thank you for your feedback @curlfamilyvlog!

As it happens, we have not set any amount, I just said 25% as an example, I do believe people should give what they feel is right but if certain people think it's right to give nothing or very little, then those people are not on the same page as the rest of us.

It's a tough one to call but with the response to this post so far, it seems most of us are on a level playing field.

We'll see how it plays out!


The way I see it, is that 50% of the reward for any post for familyprotection is already going to go directly to the author's Steem Power, growing their account and helping them to earn more in the future. So I don't see why the liquid SBD should not be donated. It's win, win all around and I'm currently living on welfare, by the way, so I know about money being tight and still wouldn't begrudge that. I see the ca-co, fp and your votes as a gift, so I don't think that choosing not to upvote those who don't contribute is a bad thing. I never expected those upvotes anyway and was still planning to donate the SBD whatever it was worth. Now if you were suggesting flagging them, then I would think you were being too harsh.

Edited to add:
As for @hickorymack, I think she needs all the help she can get at the moment and what she is sharing has been valuable for the community too.


There is no reason to flag them. At anytime one can go on to the links and see there are other FP posts that do not get on their blog as resteemed. My suggestion is that if a person does not donate back than their posts do not get resteemed. This is the only way to make it fair. As also we can not nor should not tell people what they can vote for. This simply lets everyone know that not only these people that have been resteemed are legit but they support FP by donating back into it after each post.
The point of donating is not about helping the author grow. It is about getting the FP account to grow enough and sustainable so that when someone has a need we have the collective funds to actually help them. And to have the funds to support and grow the cause. As far as I know we have helped only 1 person so far. There are countless others that need help and if authors do not donate back we can not help anyone. There is a enormous amount of need and we as a group can help much more than one individual. Which is why I am honored to be apart of it.


Thank you @life-relearnt!

I am liking the feedback so far, it seems a lot of our members are with me on this one, which I find very encouraging.

It is apparent that this community is growing in more ways than one =)



Agreed, there is no reason to flag them. I only really raised it as a comparison, as choosing not to give an upvote is no bad thing at all. While it seems odd to me that someone wouldn't want to repay a gift of an upvote that large, obviously it's their own choice and it's also the choice of anyone else to choose not to give that upvote again.

We may only have helped one person so far, but it's still a joy to know that we could help her. Hoping fp can help many more to come.

Hey @markwhittam great post by the way. We need to address this so when people stumble upon @familyprotection they will immediately realize that this is a seriuos operation which you & @canadian-coconut have put your heart and hours towards.

What Will Happen If I Don't Give Back?

Then ignore them. There is a [mute] function on Steemit for a reason. If someone is being outright selfish and unhelpful to the community, leave them be, they don't deserve the attention in my opinion.


You are right @markwhittam no excuses unless they are in a serious situation like the woman you were talking about who was fighting kidnappers.

If you are part of this community you share rewards with the communal account!

I was recently approached to guide an Indonesian friend in the ways of @familyprotection, before even writing a post he already donated SBD to the cause! What a great guy!

GO @familyprotection!


Thank-you @chron for your generous cryotocurrency donations directly to our Bitshares DEX wallet -- family-protection.

You are a wonderful young man.


I try and help the people around me @canadian-coconut 😉

You are raising funds for a great project! I am honored to donate 💰


Thanks for your feedback @chron, I like your thinking and it feels like we are on the same page =)

It's a shame that I have to do these rants but sometimes it's needed.

I was recently approached to guide an Indonesian friend in the ways of @familyprotection, before even writing a post he already donated SBD to the cause! What a great guy!

We have had an influx of Nigerians who are "donating" SBD thinking we are a vote buying service, because of this, we think it's better to only donate a proportion of rewards from a successful post because there is no garentee that we find the post valuable to our cause and what was happening with the Nigerians was that we didn't upvote their post and they were asking for their "donating" back.

All will be explained in my up and coming "we are not a vote buying service post"

Thanks @chron!


I told the indonesian guy he didn't need to donate. He said he liked the cause so he did it anyway.

Another thing I would like to address to you @markwhittam is that this post you created is very confusing to non-english speakers.

I have sent it to two people and they both made the same mistake.

When you said that @familyprotection is not about Domestic violence, Drug addiction, rape, Homelessness, etc.

Both the people I sent this post to created a post which was about the above topics. I do not know how you can be more clear - I just wanted to point that out for you.

Thanks for your service to @familyprotection!

You are very right to have written this @markwhittam, It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but @familyprotection is a community project that all contributors need to be actively involved in, sharing stories and information and also helping the community to grow. Everyone needs to be doing there bit and a huge part of that is giving back because this is exactly how it will continue to grow. You and @canadian-coconut, have been more than fair in not really pushing this until now. Hopefully this call out will be enough.

interesting ..
In the end who work hard deserve
Great post .. Thank you for sharing your words

Wow, that really is a problem if a lot of users are not making any type of donation. I remember reading your post where you said that you would not be upvoting unless people donate. I assumed that would have fixed the problem, but I guess not! I think the cause is a worthy cause and people definitely need to contribute to it. Life is all about making choices, so hopefully people will step up and start making the right ones...

Kudos Mark. Say it how you mean it. Am grateful to have spotted this article as wan't fully aware of the @familyprotection guidelines around donations till now. My problem appears to be that I very often miss updates like these. Living on Steem/SBD means I have to dedicate almost all my time to writing rather than reading... though once alt season begins again am hoping it won't have to be this way any more.

If the familyprotection group received these kind of posts in the form of private messages there really would be no excuses.

Will get you another donation asap...


Thank you @samstonehill!

I know what it's like, it's easy to get lost in the steemit maze!

We are still trying to figure things out here at fp, and nothing is written in stone as yet, private messages could work!

I'm confident that we will come up with a working model soon enough!

Thanks for the support mate!

First of all I would like to thank both you and ca-co for all the hard work you do on FP. As you probably know, me and my partner always donate 50% of the rewards to FP. We do that because we feel strongly about this project and we feel that this project has the opportunity to make a real difference. We also only write about something when it's worth writing about and that it makes a real contribution to the vast collection of information on FP.
I liked your idea about a FP community where you and ca-co can determine how much will be rewarded and how much will flow back to the community.
I think when you guys stop giving these generous up-votes to the money hungry abusers, they will get the message pretty quick. Stay strong and much love.


Thank you @gardenbsquared!

You and your partner are a breath of fresh air and we value your contributions to this community.

After receiving such good feedback on this post I am very confident that we can iron this out with ease.



Thank you Mark, we support you completely and will continue to do so in the future.

I enjoy rants, so thank you :) I do have a question though, so I can know for sure that neither I nor anyone else unknowling is actually The Elephant in the Room that you are talking about. I guess the best way I would approach this is making sure everyone knows what it means to give back. Personally, I upvote all comments and make sure I upvote and retesteem from the places I tag my content in, so that others also can benefit from upvotes from steemians outside of "familyprotection" that visit my page. Is there more we should be doing? Thanks in advance, and for all that you do, its nice to see a community looking out for eachother ♡


Hello @thehoneybee!

I need to talk to Linda again to double check, but I'm sure we had agreed that we really want to see the kids Inc. documentary get made and for this reason I feel that the rewards you receive should be used to help make this happen.

The people I am talking about in this post have been a part of this community for some time and they have a good idea of our mission.

I have noticed you were using the fp tag for your posts about pizza gate, because of the sheer volume of posts we get that are not cps related we've had to insist that FP tag is only for posts that are cps related, again there is no way you could have known this and I personally believe it's all part of the same scam, but we need to stay focused solely on cps!

I will still upvote all your post because I think your amazing =)

If you ever have any questions my email is

Thank you @thehoneybee


Ok, I appreciate that, I just erased a tag I did for Seychelles child sex trafficking ring to @familyprotection and @fostergate, I'm still a little confused as to why you dont want traffick here relating to child exploitation other than CPS, I guess I just feel any community fighting to help children is apart of a huge team. I wasn't aware of the tag restrictions, thanks for letting me know, I'll make sure its just CPS and Foster Care related stuff, maybe I'm still missing something haha, I figured if you dont like something you don't upvote it. I donated 10 SBD to family protection yesterday and really appreciate your support on the work me and my team are doing to expose CPS. I wish you folks well ♡


Thank-you @thehoneybee for your donation!
We do want you to get that "Kids, Inc." movie completed though. I left a comment on one of your posts a little bit ago asking how much more money you needed to raise. We are trying not to give out many of the funds that we have raised so far, because we want to let the crypto prices rise this year so that our investment will be big enough to accomplish something big the year after that.
But I give out many $ worth of votes each day, and I'll be happy to give large votes to your posts related to this topic until you get that film completed.

The #familyprotection tag is considered a "proprietary" tag that Mark and I created so that we can find the posts that meet the requirements of #familyprotection and may be worthy of upvoting and resteeming to our followers.
Before we created that tag, nobody had ever used it before.
But unfortunately lots of unrelated posts are now using our tag, because they are chasing my vote and don't understand what we are even talking about. And then there are genuine people like yourself, but altogether it makes a LOT of extra work for us to find the gems amongst all the tag spam.
I also follow your though, so hopefully I am not missing too many of your posts, even the non-fp related posts.
Thanks for your comment and all the great work that you do.


I really appreciate you explaining that to me @canadian-coconut, it really bums me out that people chase you around simply because your vote is valuable. You are all valuable here. I completely understand why you want to protect this community and how important it is. Thank you again for being genuine, I try to be as well and Im sorry I didnt understand what was going on completely, I'm an idealist by nature, so in places like steemit, I assume everyone is playing nice, not true I guess :( I really do love what you guys are doing for families and children, glad to be apart of it ♡


@thehoneybee, just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that you are one of my steemit heros! I finally got the opportunity and time to watch a few of your videos. Girl, you are doing an amazing job, especially with your support of @familysupport! Keep up the great work yo are doing for this community!!


Thank you ♡

Thats one thing about steemit. sometimes people are so obsessed with taking all the money, they forget we need recycling to keep the community going, well the 90$ seems preposterous to me, I see people who could form a focal point of the community earn so much from #familyprotection and yet never even pass the wealth around.

Well I can say sometimes wealth can be exploited, she's a woman with good heart so many wants to cut off from the cake.

I'd suggest the family protection and Co make donations a compulsion, because saying ur nicely won't bring results, people ate here who really would die without the money, so what do we do with this situation?

It's a matter of urgency, somethings needs to be rectified


Yes! When the steemit communities project gets implemented we will be able to make donations compulsory, but I was hoping we wouldn't have to.

Thanks for the feedback


I just hope we wouldn't need to resort to that it's a community and that's why people should really do good, instead of it Being a compulsion,

You're doing so amazingly well with @Canadian-coconut for family protection

As you know I write from the heart and put all my emotion into my posts.It is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the community. I would say @markwhittam and @canadian-coconut here is a simple answer. Instead of offering high upvotes for posts - why not just offer an lesser across the board vote and let folks donate when they feel so led. I would think that would solve countless concerns. Then you would not have to ask folks to give back on their payouts. We all want to support @familyprotection as it is a wonderful cause. We need 'unity' and 'freedom' rather than a blacklist. If you look in my wallet you will see that all of my SBD has been hacked and stolen today. You will also see as i am writing this comment, I have zero voting power now on steemnow. i wrote about this as another comment below. Protect yourself. But i do not think that requiring a certain percentage payback is the answer. I hope your day goes better than mine. Blessings. Troy


Hmmm! In my eyes Big rewards are beneficial to everyone involved, you get more, and because of that @familyprotection gets more money to help the community grow (in theory) it should be a win win situation for everyone.

You talk about unity but where is the unity if certain people are doing the opposite to the rest of the community.

Its not about forcing people to donate, it should come naturally. We don't want it to feel like a tax or a burden, but why should it if we are all benefiting from being on the same page.

I am really sorry you got hacked @enjoywithtroy! And I hope the people who stole your money get a taste of karma!


Thanks Mark.

I understand. However I truly believe that it would make much more sense. instead of having folks donate back - keep that money for family protection. Only pay in the upvote what you TRULY want us writers to have. This is less steps, less confusing to us who are not as literate in steemit. I feel that would be a hundred times more of a win win. I for one would feel more comfortable with this. IE so say you want 25% of the full upvote back. Ok I get it. Then just pay out a 75% rather than 100% . Less bookeeping. I am more willing to participate if that was done. You would not need to write posts on spring clean up and we all would be on the same page like others. Just offer an upvote of what I am worth rather than more. I believe there are some bots that request money to upvote.. I realize you are not a bot but I do not support such bots. A donation yes. I have donated but this makes more logic and sense. As I said my friend just pay out what you are willing to give. I am honored to be part of @familyprotection and cheerful in giving of my creative talents in inspiring the team.


Mark and I do not want to be spending all of our time writing posts for family protection and only upvoting those posts. We want other people to share their own personal experiences and the knowledge that they have gathered on how to fight against the system and win.

Mark and I don't have all the answers but as a community we may be able to find all the answers.
Then when I upvote those information-packed posts, the person who took the time to write them benefits, and if they donate back Family Protection account benefits, AND the readers gain important knowledge.

If nobody donated to the @familyprotection account then the only money that the @familyprotection account makes would be from the posts that the account itself makes, and right now we only make about two posts per month.

Another way we make money is by voting on our own comments but we have recently been flagged for doing that and do not yet know if we will get flagged again.


Ok! I understand it might seem better for you as you might not have a clear picture of how it works.

If we only upvote u 75% we don't get the other 25%

But if we upvote u 100% and u donate back 25% of the sbd half of your reward then both you and @familyprotection benefit!

If we start upvoting everyone less then @familyprotection gets less.

Unless of course we just upvote ourselves all day long and that is not what steemit is all about, upvotes are for rewarding good content.

Please understand that so far you are the only person who has replied to this post who doesn't agree with the way @familyprotection works and thinks the current system of give and take is totally flawed.


I will say that I believe in the cause of @familyprotection. That is evident through the posts I have written. I do not understand the whys of things and thus often challenge thought processes.

I can offer the 25% if it helps. I had thought originally of one 100% donated post a month (you may remember Change for Children), but can do the 25% instead. I believe that it would better profit @familyprotection to court organizations and businesses outside of steemit. i wrote about this in a former post in @familyprotection. By relying only on bloggers 'donation' and not outside alliances @familyprotection will be muzzled and ineffective. I believe that @familyprotection would be 100 times more helpful to those who have suffered with the shared funds from these alliances.

As an update to what I said in an earlier comment, I have been hacked by @good-kama and @gtg.witnesses. They stole 663.843 in SBD (worth about $2,000.00) and 22.641 on Friday morning. My reputation was compromised and my comments were spammed. I have since changed my master key and will be blogging on this SOON. I understand that the SBD was traded on blocktrades and traced to Switzerland, Romania and Amsterdam. My upvote was trashed and will take at least a week to have any value. I have shed tears, anger, depression and feel nausea and raped from this. Though I feel so afraid of Steemit now, I know I must go on with Steemit. I learned the hard way and now try to keep little or nothing in my steem tokens and SBD.

It was mentioned that @familyprotction has been flagged. I am sorry to know of you having that experience. After this spamming I was flagged too! In sincere and gentle kindness, a donation can be viewed by some as a fee in disquise. I hope and pray you do not receive additional flags resulting from that.

Again in closing I do believe in FP cause and I have poured all my energy, tears and inspiration into the posts I wrote. I can gladly contribute the 25%. I just need to be told what I owe as this is all confusing.

Blessings. - Troy


That is AWFUL about being hacked. I am so, so sorry to hear that.
You said:

By relying only on bloggers 'donation' and not outside alliances @familyprotection will be muzzled and ineffective.

I disagree. We have already accomplished a LOT in such a short time. We are already successful.

To reach out to organizations for funds, first of all somebody has to volunteer to talk to them, educate them, and convince them to help.
Secondly, someone would have to take the time to teach them all about the blockchain, set up an exchange and wallet accounts, teach them how to get the funds from their bank into Bitcoin, and then turn Bitcoin into Steem and transfer it over to our familyprotection account or our Bitshares DEX account.

We are keeping everything on the blockchain. The price of cryptos are going to rise substantially in the next couple of years, so our funds will really grow quickly if we receive crypto donations now.

When the time comes to help more people, they will be somebody who already has cryptos figured out, or has a friend who already understands the blockchain and can help them set everything up so that they can convert Steem to their local currency.

Mark and I will not be touching any cash related to the familyprotection account. We will never be a registered charity either. We are not based in any country -- we are blockchain based and worldwide.

This is a small project starting out -- we are two simple bloggers that started it, and a bunch of other bloggers are joining the community. We are WAY ahead of the rest of the world by already being involved in cryptos, and cryptos is great way to raise funds.

I do think though that we could raise funds one more way -- and that is by publishing the addresses of a few different cryptos (ie bitcoin, litecoin, dash, etc) and somehow spread the word around the rest of crypto-space, requesting donations to be sent directly to those wallets. There are a LOT of ordinary good folks who are now very wealthy from having invested early in the cryptos. These folks may like our project and donate, if they could somehow find out about it. On the other hand, the general population seems to have less and less spare cash that they can donate to good causes.


As to telling you what you owe. Since you have been hacked you can't pay for anything from the past anyways. Please don't worry about that. It seems that you only now realized our expectations -- so just start going forward from today.
The next time that you write for familyprotection, after the payout comes through, you could transfer over 25% or more of the SBD that you just received.

Thank-you Troy!


So when I do a 50 steem 50 SBD payout that is 25% of the SBD portion from my understanding @canadian-coconut correct me if I am wrong. I think my last post is coming up soon for payout. Since this hacking, it has put a sour taste in my mouth and need to find the inspiration again to write. I hope to do a few more blogs on the hacking but am not looking forward to it.


Yes. So if you got say 12 SBD as part of your payout, you would transfer perhaps 3 SBD of it to @familyprotection

I'm sure that it feels like a swift kick in the gut to have lost most of your funds. It makes sense that it would take some time to mentally recover from it.


Troy I am so sorry to hear about your account being hacked. I’m not sure how that happens with Steemit but I do know I have never been comfortable with giving anyone my personal keys. Any group that requires my posting key I have not joined because I am not comfortable with it. I hope there is a way where you can retrieve your earnings.

I do like your idea of just offering a lessor vote across the board and allowing people to give as their hearts desire. It is true that you can’t force anyone to give back. This way it will not drain the account as much so that funds will still continue to be built for the main purpose of this cause.


Your comment made me think how in the world could this happen and I did some digging. Apparently you are not the only one that has had this happen to today. And from what I can understand somehow you clicked on a link that brought you to steemwit dot com. And you might have thought it was here and you entered your user name and password. this gave these hackers your information. I am sorry this happened to you and I sure hope you changed your information and will be more careful.

I just read your post and that's what I want to say. You are right. I'm not going to say, that I list with each post donation to familyprotection. Our wallets are open and this information is not forbidden. I believe, that some people get impudent, because they not only don't list part of the reward to the community, but also publish posts every day. In my head there are a lot of topics and cases, that I want to tell you, but I publish posts every two or three days at most. I don't want you to say, "Hey, you're good at it!"I want people to think. I believe, that we can benefit the community not only by writing posts, but also by our donation. Isn't that the best proof that we're not here for money? I believe, that this post raises a clear question of the decency of the people. By the way, did you notice. that after the recent events, many began to point out links to articles, although they had not done so before? I hope, that this post will also serve as a motivation for honesty. Otherwise, I agree with you @markwhittam, these people will gradually leave the ranks of familyprotection.


I see nothing bad if the people publish their posts quite often but donate a part of their rewards to the community. I am against any misunderstandings in the community and that is why I agree with @thethreehugs and other people that it will be nice to have definite rules we should follow. And for the sake of interest I looked how much you donated and I see you donated just a little amount of money too. So it is better not to blame other people but to think what to do to come to an agreement in society. I am waiting for new rules from Mark and Linda, they are wise people and I will support any their decisions. I am for peace)


I'm not talking about, how often you can't write posts, I mean, if you do it often, then your responsibility increases, doesn't it? After all, than more posts written and more votes, then more should be your donation on logic, agree? Once again, our wallets are open and there is no point in cheating on how much money you've donated. This information is available to everyone. I think, that everyone, who wants to continue to be in this community will accept the rules, that Mark and Linda will be decided to introduce. English is not my native language, so perhaps the meaning of some phrases is distorted. In my comment there was no charge, it was my thoughts about the asked question. I hope, that now I can more clearly express my thoughts! Thank you for your answer, I'm for peace too)
P.s. This idea visited me only now, in some posts I saw a person wrote, how much of the money will be transferred to the community, maybe it is worth to write this in each post? Do you think, that's a good idea?


It is Ok because it is not my native language either.) I see Mark answered this question:
"I think 25% of the SBD half of your rewards is a fair number but if you feel to give more that's up to you."

I think it will help to avoid such unpleasant talks in the community.


I agree! I'm just writing about the fact, that I looked at the history of my wallet and my donations are just about 25%. At first, I didn't think about people make donation to the community. Later, when I read the rules and some posts, I realized that I could also donate and benefit the community. I didn't think about the amount, so I often listed SBD before publishing a post. Mark's words bring clarity to our dialogue)

Another suggestion I just thought of.

accounts like @familyprotection which are mainly used for # tagging them and mentions to gain it's attention are not publishers of content.

What if you took emailed article/ post submissions for @familyprotection to publish on their own profile with accreditations and a % you set of all earnings of the published posts going back to the author?

This way @ familyprotection would have more power over reward pool distribution and possibly an easier way to stop the #familyprotection tag abuse than going through and checking all the times the tag and your profile is tagged.

Could be worthless in the long run if ALL posts using #familyprotection had to go through this republishing process under the @ amilyprotection profile, but at least this way there is a greater incentive for participants to make a really good submission and send it over.
Also being able to prevent some abuse of the tag by having the article sent back after you guys review it and decide not to publish. Whilst the author can still publish their post after @ familyprotection chooses not to publish it, if they use the #familyprotection tag for it anyway, the main user will be focusing on giving their likes/reposts to submitted articles and posts that they publish themselves.
just an idea.


It is an interesting idea, but we do not have enough volunteer hours to manage that. And if volunteers took the time to do this type of job, there is zero pay in it for them.


A shame, but i totally understand. Now i'm back to full-time wage slaving i barely have the will to even write content on here anymore.

Good luck!

Depends on what they do with their rewards...

I plan on giving a weeks sbd at some point...

If anyone is complaining about me they can but is anyone else putting it all on the line...

Is anyone else scrouring homeless shelters look for someone who is being sexually exploited by high society

Does anyone risk their life in their venture

This is not gonna end well for me but atleast it might wake up enough people so they can act as I have...


Depends on what they do with their rewards...

The thing is, not everyone in the community sees that, I know your doing good, I noticed u donated 50SBD to @thehoneybee which tells me you really do care and want to see change.

I know you care, but if everyone sees u do not donate to @familyprotection, then this will cause unrest in the community.

I don't want people to get all defensive or upset, but this is an issue that we as a community need to adress.


I am not doing good...

Their is a toll for going as far as I am going

Ill send when I can afford...

I try to upvote as much as I can

I know you mark and coco and many others really like what I am doing but if anyone says hey cfs.leaks is not doing enough then chances are they are secretly pedo supporters.

I sent the sbd for the movie cause I really liked it and wanted to help I really shouldn't have so much things are needed for what I am doing.

But I always help those that helped me but I am at war with the system and those that control it.

If I make through this war I would contribute alot more but I am do not think this is going to end well bud...

Absolute truth causes the shit to hit the fan...

Just about everytime...

They really tried to bury the sexual exploitation of CFS kids from Bonnycastle park to the legislative building.


I know that people have their reasons for not being able to donate. That is why I never questioned anyone about it. I figured if you had an issue with it you would talk to that person. I know a lot but I am not all knowing so there is for sure information that you know that I do not know. this is why I focused on what I am doing and donating and I never cared to look at the wallet and worry about others and their donations.

First and foremost, I need to say thank you for everything that FP does here! I too saw @hickorymack's plight and jumped in to help, as did so many others I know. I guess in the world, and in this microcosm called steemit, there will be givers and there will be takers. And we can applaud the givers and the results from their efforts, and also try to ignore the takers. But true takers, will continue to take if given the opportunity. And this platform is ripe with opportunity. So I guess in the end, it's up the the good guys to gather round and stop the bad guys from doing what they do best.

As givers and carers, we expect the best from people, and most people, given the opportunity, will be kind, caring, considerate and selfless. But there are those, regardless of opportunities, education or warnings, will continue to look only at the benefits for themselves. The real problem is their lack of empathy; their inability to stand in someone else's shoes and really feel what the other people are feeling. Can you teach empathy? I don't know.

Is there a peaceful way to go about stopping them? I hope so, because fire only brings about more fire; pain begets more pain. Perhaps a cleanse of the community might be the answer; rid yourselves of those who no longer contribute in the hopes of filling their spot with those who do. Because the eternal optimists like myself, need the street kid like you @markwhittam, to see clear to clean out the waste.


For a long time I have not been able to make posts for family protection and can not write a random post abd use tge family protection tag. I think this should be watched, know the amount of dedicated writers and all.

No random posts with family protection tag is acceptable if you ask me.

Good Morning and very interesting post, however there is a bit of concern of the account mentioned above which is closely aligned to the reards I have received on my account in the last 30 days, however not all of these rewards I have received from family protection. I have also noticed that some of my work has not been resteemed by the community, so in spirit of good faith and transparency I feel that I need to voice my side as well, just to make sure this isn't my account referenced here. I have made multiple posts showing what is done with rewards I make through the platform, which have been gone to the making of a recording studio to record videos and prep for interviews for @fmailyprotection in which I plan on launching this week. Also, a lot has been reinvested into the steemit platform to earn SP for my curation service to help fight plagiarism with this group as well the community as a whole (I have also attempted to contact you @markwhittam via chat to see how I could help more with the workload, as well as a written proposal to help the group). Third, some of the proceeds go to travel and outreach efforts to groups and families so I can promote the platform and the group, with a huge event that will be livestreemed in vegas (in which I will be promoting @familyprotection and speaking to live audience about it as a guest speaker), an event in Colorado, possible event in Chicago and another event possible in Africa.
This platform is my full-time job, hence why I do so much with it and invest so heavily within it.

Normally I do my contributions and donations at the end of the month like any normal budget to groups, with almost all of my SP delegated o qurator (a quality content curator) and my curation service (whch has been promoting many of @familyprotection member posts and a 100% auto upvote to every family protection authored post forever.

I do hope that I am not seen as someone taking advantage of this group, however if so please let me know or have me explain my intentions or overall vision for this community and the platform. Fell free to contact me in any manner, or just a reply letting me know if this is the case or what I can do better for my family @familyprotection.

First, to greet him and congratulate him for this cause and put myself in a position to help support the PF, once I wrote you that they had my support. I participate with a contribution of 25%, in my next publications and I will do it with pleasure, the fact is that we all have to integrate and strengthen this community, I also recommend placing the forms to make contributions or donations so that people know how to do it, that Maybe they do not know the procedure and they fulfill little by little the desired objective. I reaffirm my support and in my next publication, I will donate 25% to the FP to begin and with other publications that are not related to the topic, I will donate 10%. Count on me. All together we will achieve an objective and achieve the objective of the FP. Regards

I always consider carefully about using the #familyprotection tag and have even advised friends on here not to use it until they can complete an informative, detailed and polished article about a topic closely related to it.

This is the first community I found on steemit which demonstrated the unique, invaluable features of steemit and blockchaining a blog. It needs to be protected and I totally support any increased strictness regarding its use.

I think a great benchmark for donating is 15-30%.

A suggestion to try to keep track is possibly looking into creating a bot on the discord to keep track of mentions and uses of hashtags (@ginabot does this very well). Also requests that donations are made with the webpage address for the article in the transaction description/ memo section.

If you think this is a good second suggestion then I'll start doing it straight away for all future posts including #familyproteciton.

I don't envy you guys, and that has nothing to do with writing about and curating CPS evilness. Just trying to stop tag abuse and greed would be very taxing.

how many curators do you have for the @familyprotection steemit account?


Here's my 2x Donations

2018-02-19 16:11:48 UTC aagabriel familyprotection 3.000 SBD MEMO: Thank you for your support
2018-02-15 15:03:54 UTC aagabriel familyprotection 5.000 SBD MEMO: Thank you for your support

great read and well I still am learning here but after our trailer stories and reading your upbringing I am a fan. You have taken these tough roads and turned them into beautiful highway, Giving back is the only way. With my cancer @lynncoyle1 and I try to help where we can. She is a big part of newbieresteemday and you are right. Some people are only here to make money. Again thanks Mark

very infarmative post . and canadian coconut is really sweet woman she donate their votes for family protection comunity i love her

I will be responding to this post soon. to let you know my steemit account was hacked this morning and I will be blogging on it. I have spent all afternoon trying to retrieve my account. I was able to retrieve it however whoever hacked in took 663 SBD and my steem tokens. if anyone knows how to retrieve this let me know. I have a new key now. But I wanted to let you @markwhittam and @canadian-coconut know. Thanks. - Troy

i appreciate your thinking... you are doing the right way...👍

This isn't a community I'm regularly a part of (though I do follow you!!!), but I'm all for cleaning any community to improve SteemIt. Thank you Mark!!! I wish all communities did this. We'd have a much better platform.

Hi @markwhittam

do you have plans of extending the community overseas? I am from the Philippines and the stories from @canadian-coconut are really interesting and most of it happens in my country too.

@familyprotection's mission and vision is really inspiring.

I totally agree with you @markwhittam on the matter, the @familyprotection course/movement is a very emotional one as it deals with an intrinsic part of humans which is family as such can create a blind spot to the leaders of the community who have a profound love and yearning to help this family in need, this emotional attachment which could be exploited by money hungry bloggers appealing to the soft tender nature of @canadian-coconut and get a junk of her whale vote and because they are not in support of the vision of the team,they don't give back.
Just a personal thoughts to share, as much as we want to rid the system of the evil, we must take deligent steps as not to include the good ones in the outburst against the bad, it's good the community know that we have precept and order, in that remark I call on the @familyprotection team to come up with a white paper(gilding principles) which will clearly state our goals, objectives, rules, so as a breach of these comes with a consequences. Let keep the fight going, we need one voice to make this quest a realistic one. Thank you

Hey @markwhittam i just want you guys to know, i never write a post under your tags assuming i’ll get an upvote. Actually. When i did the one time get an upvote i literally cried. Just seriously, you guys have big hearts and I love what y’all do. I try to only use the tag for stuff that may be relevant , yeah i rant and go off topic but my intention is to use that tag to spread awareness of the tag to other sections of steemit. When smts and communities start taking off im hoping to have built enough sp to delegate a large portion directly to @familyprotection . Take care & much love.

Hey Mark. Hope all is well mate.

Sorry, I've been a little absent lately for personal reasons and am just now catching this post and your most recent one.

I can definitely understand your frustration here mate but I have to be honest and say that I don't think you can demand anyone contribute part of their rewards back to the cause. While I personally think everyone should return at least a little to help others, I think it should be down to them to decide if they do so and how much. I'm not sure how you curate the family protection posts, whether it is completely manual or whether there is some sort of automation but if you feel someone is taking advantage then you should obviously refuse to upvote them or ban them in future. Those who are making posts that are beneficial and helpful to the cause however have already contributed by making the post in the first place and received a reward from FP for doing so. I think it should then be up to the individual to decide if they want to contribute part of their rewards. I don't think you can force people to do what you or I might think is the right thing, though you should definitely encourage it. :)

Like I said, I definitely understand your frustration mate and I know you'll find a way to resolve it soon. :)

Hello Mark, in my specific case thanks to your help I received around 50 $ of which I have only donated 10, even before receiving was a small amount, in my case the rest I plan to dedicate to acquire certain goods among those foods for distribute them to the street children, in my country these are being given to the shelters because their mothers do not have to keep them

This post was upvoted and resteemed by #thethreehugs. Thank you for your support of @familyprotection. #thethreehugs is currently donating 40% of "ALL" post payouts to @familyprotection.

I was introduced to the plight of @familyprotection a few days ago through a post by @article61 - I'm a former dumping ground kid myself, although vulnerable at times, I'm also a tough cookie who takes no shit, I have the system to thank for that!! Give em hell @markwhittam :)

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As for me it would be convenient to know what percentage of my rewards I should give away to the community, it is not a problem for me, I donated but probably not enough. When I joined the community I did not know how much money I had to give back so I looked how much the majority donated and now I think it was my mistake. It would be nice if you agreed with Linda what percentage each author should give back to the community to avoid these misunderstandings.


I don't think we can demand a certain amount until steemit implements the communities feature.

I think 25% of the SBD half of your rewards is a fair number but if you feel to give more that's up to you.

Please note that how much we upvote your post has NO relation to how much you donate, our upvotes reflect the quality and reflectivity of your post.


I think it is fair too, thank you for the clarification Mark.