Could Reporting Your Child's Abuser Lead to You losing Your children?

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Recently I wrote about a grandmother who is trying to get her granddaughter returned to her mother from foster care after the father sexually abused her. While looking into this I also came across a video about a woman's struggles with authority when she went to them for help after discovering that they were being sexually abused by someone she'd previously trusted.

The shocking conclusion that these two cases seem to come to, is that unless you want to lose your children and be accused of abuse yourself, probably shouldn't go to the police or child protective services if you discover a that someone is abusing your children.

It seems that the very things put in place to protect people and children are becoming things that we fear. When a child has been through abuse, the last thing they need is to be torn from those who still love, care for them and want to protect them. If this is what you encounter when you reach out for help, then abuse will be kept hidden, leaving the perpetrators free to move on to fresh pastures.

In the letter the grandmother begs to know what to do next as she now cannot send a request to court without risking being reported and possibly being sectioned. The reply says that the only options left are society getting together to stand up to this. It mentions:

Diane DeVere has reported that there is already an Aboriginal group, called “Strong Grandmothers,” that looks at cases of children about to be sent to Guardianship and recommends caring relatives to do the job.

Is this what we need to stop the state from getting away with abuse? Could groups potentially come together and start to hold these people accountable?

The indigenous Australians have some of the highest abuse rates and government interference because of it. They also know how to come together as a community and may very well be onto something with their strong grandmothers group.

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