The @FamilyProtection Manifesto Written On Forever Green Hearts. — Steemit

The @FamilyProtection Manifesto Written On Forever Green Hearts.

in familyprotection •  2 months ago

A lot of Manifestos have crawled off the holes of those who would rather see us fail than succeed, who would rather see our children sent to concentration camps than spend their time with their lovely families being taught the values and virtues of life.

They would rather drive our future generation to the mud and make the future manipulable. I am tired of the various Extremist and Radical movements influencing laws that causes vagueness all wanting to Nationalize the family unit and make Parents mere "Wards". I am sick of the suffering, traumas, pains, depressions, and every form of Abuse the System pours on Children.

The @FamilyProtection Manifesto

We also at @familyprotection community, we have our own set of goals. Manifestos Written not on papers but embedded in Hearts incorruptible.

  1. We march to influence the lives of those who are facing abuse from CPS

  2. Infiltrate ignorance and pave way to creating a network of awareness to alert the world of the issues families are facing.

  3. Make known to families the tricks and tactics of CPS so they can defend themselves when pushed to the wall by those who would rather see them fall apart(CPS).

  4. Provide necessary support to these families in form of knowledge, kinds and in deeds

  5. Bring back the minds of people in Power or in Farms back to what truly made us and makes us Humans capable of raising a home.

  6. Spread the gospel of humanity and the milk of Love and help a targeted neighbor.

  7. Be part of movements that truly walk the path of Familial Bond Preservation and light the way that be dark.

  8. Create a Mega-Heart connected together by the decentralized bits and bytes of seeing humanity with a love inclined eyes.

  9. House and Birth more members who are willing to fight the good non-violent fight in their own counties, villages, cities and nations.

10.Shine a light to expose all those that desire to make us weak and take away our children.

11 . We send them a memo to count their days, we tell the Legal Abusers that their days of Destroying Families Are Numbered

12 . We are FamilyProtection and we are not afraid of the Evil that lurks in the dark, We care more about the Families, Children, and the Angels we all can become!.

These Set OF Goals Are Coined From The Mission Statement of The @familyprotection account made last year when the community was birthed.
Please add more under the comment session if they fall in line with the Reason Why The FamilyProtection community is still standing despite the many months that has passed.
We are already accomplishing most of these goals, we are helping Families Fight in ways we never even foresaw.

I Love To Make Blooms And Children Need It More Than Ever

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

If you truly care and passionate about helping families and children worldwide facing CPS injustice, an healthy step is to JOIN the @familyprotection community.

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