The Communist Man Stealing Away Our Nation And Children

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A Goal is an organised process that deconstructs strategies and cascade relevant and measurable elements of those strategies appropriately through workforce.

Goals are, well, just goals!. Creating a platform to achieve them is what clearly defines whether such goals are Achievable. The Communists had their own sets of goals and their ideologies and hands has permeated through timelines and still affect us today. On January 10, 1963, a set of communist goals were revealed to Congress, these were goals Congress were fighting to prevent from being a reality back then.

When you read through these 45 goals right now in 2018, you would definitely agree that these goals have almost been fulfilled to a large extent. The most heartbreaking part is that Americans have been used as the Labor to accomplish these dirty goals.

How did we get infiltrated?,
How did we become so volatile?
When did all these happen?

These questions keep pumping through our thoughts, but the truth is; We are already an Almost Complete Communist State with 2018th modern touch. This isn't just America, it goes far beyond our boarders, it has embraced the whole corners of the world. To think the Communist set of individuals only had America in mind is to be myopic. It embraces the whole corners of our present reality.

I would have love to write about all the set goals, but at this moment, I would only be dealing with three!. These three affects the family unit badly, in fact, I would say that the CPS had a huge chunk of these goals embedded in it, though not Visibly from the onset, but programmed underground its foundations.

38 Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand or treat.

The Soviet termed these institution Gulags, the Red Chinese termed it Lao Gai, Hitler called it concentration camp, bureaucratic America and CPS call it Foster Care System. Call it whatever you may, Homeschoolers, Vaccine fighters, religious believers, indigenous leaves, all that pose a threat to the normal norm presently deemed fit are punished using CPS at the family level. The family unit and their unique various beliefs and morals are put in check using the CPS and sending children into concentration camps, oopps!, I meant foster care system.

The power to arrest children from their homes have been given to social agencies who know nothing about children in the first place.

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

The family is seen as a barrier by the present trend of America. I am all for Patriotism and all that nationality talk!, but I do not give a pass mark for the destruction of families and the unalienable rights they hold. There should be a separation of Family from all forms of Damning intrusion. America was built on the core values of individual Families, but that America I speak of is long gone.

The communist goals was to encourage "immoral acts" of which pedophile and child prostitution are chiefs. The family is getting less and less important everyday that passes, laws that undermine parental rights to educate, vaccinate, religiously groom e.t.c are now being flushed off. Divorce is on the rise in a magnitude so overwhelming. Children are now easily Fathered or Mothered by uncle Sam.

41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

Goal 40 emphasize family destruction, heightening of immorality and creating a route of high divorce, what next then?; Raise children away from their parents and put mental blocks and change their outlook to life.

This has been done in so many ways, the government now controls our education system, to homeschool your children is becoming an Alien thought right now with a lot of CPS frown!. What "Negative" influence could they be talking about?, parents know life better than the government and to pass this "special" knowledge and behavior to their offspring is very essential. Anything against the Norm of the State is Negative.

Children have been ripped from their homes in disguise using flawed laws to beat us into submission. The CPS has become the tool that checkmates families, and has created a niche of "Feeding" off families.


Silently Killing Families And Nations

How best can a nation be destroyed?
How best can power be seized?
How best can people be influenced from a young age?
How best can a nation be brought to its kneels?

All these questions have a simple answer; Go for the Root of The Mighty tree and it will rot off and die, each every leaf.

The family unit is the root, and no wonder it is facing the hardest form of destruction and persecution from the very people that are supposed to protect the Family's Right to Educate, train and nurture their children as it has been for the countless centuries before now.

We as a nation are being destroyed from within, by wolves that have signed off themselves to insane causes and movements. They betray the common man and his right to keep a family, they betray us by enacting vague laws, they betray us by infiltrating every good thing we ever stood for, destroying us from within. They betray us by thinking they can nationalize the family Unit, so it becomes unimportant, they betray us by making us forget our True Power, They betray us thinking Our Rights as parents are man-given rights and given by the State.

Most of what was a goal for the communist power has now become a reality in many nations already, America included!. The taboos we once fought against as a People is now dishing meals to us in our own homes. Now we are poisoned more and more.

We won't stay silent, every single family deserves their children and every child deserve the Love of their parents. All these the CPS threatens backed by the government. Every government worker, agency and body need to re-evaluate themselves, you need to ask this very important question;

Am I the Communist Man In Any Way?. Are people, children and homes suffering because of me?.

We Say "NO" to child illegal-legal kidnapping by the state.

I Love To Make Blooms And Children Need It More Than Ever

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

If you truly care and passionate about helping families and children worldwide facing CPS injustice, an healthy step is to JOIN the @familyprotection community.

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We as a nation are being destroyed from within, by wolves that have signed off themselves to insane causes and movements

So true. They tried for years to do it externally and realized they had to take us over from within. They did it through taking over colleges and universities and putting in socialist and communist professors who would teach their ways to children. They did it with music in the hippie movement in Laurel Canyon LA. They did it through the media. They did it through the 501c3 tax laws that silenced ministers from speaking out politically on the subject. They had Obama and thought they had America with Hillary. Now Trump and prayer is our only hope to save what is left. We must speak out to make difference. Thanks @kryptocoin to a wonderful article.

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