CPS is so quick to knock on the doors of loving parents,
Quick to get involved,
Quick to search for neglect,
Quick to lie,
Quick to threaten you off your right,
Quick to deceive you,
Quick to pull you off to their corrupt courts,
The court is quick to give you a fraudulent appointed lawyer
Quick to provide you services and conditions in order to get back your children,
Quick to refer you to their Psychologist for psychotherapy
Quick to send your kids to corrupt pediatricians and doctors
Quick to traumatize you and your kids
Quick to remove your children and terminate you parental rights
Quick to sending off children into foster system
Quick to adopt them out
Children lose it all
Parents are broken
Families are broken and in tears
All through all these steps money is made by CPS
Every single one of them all make money
It is an economy
An economy based on cruelty, greed and dark intentions
CPS gains it all
Families lose it all
What an economy!
An economy resting on the corpse and skeletons of children
Don't fall a victim!!!!

Image from www.pa-pa.ca

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"Child Protection Agencies" are taking children away from their loving families.

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The CPS is quick to do a lot EXCEPT what is truly and morally right. Evil is always quick to do what is wrong. A thief does not take his time. Neither the corrupt CPS.Warfare is fast and hard hitting. Thanks @kryptocoin

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