[RP] CPS Tactics: Divide et Impera

When CPS come diving into your home, beware, for they would be targeting every and any fragile thing they can lay their hands on. Any thing at all that gives you confidence and a sense of safety would be targeted and eroded to hasten your fall, to a point where you are ready to make a deal, any deal at all to keep your children. Unfortunately, you are not dealing with people who keep their words or agreement. Many parents have fallen into the traps of making deals with CPS, fostered at times by the Counsel that aught to be working in their best interest. Don't make the deal, do not make any deal that will leave you fragile and permit the snapping away of your children by the push of a button.

Talking about CPS breaking parent's Confidence, they often seek out ways and methods to ruin your financial confidence and familial co-operation, once they get a supervision order in place, they would use that to cause preliminary and post-financial hurdles to parents. Most of these orders they put to play often cause parents to live apart from one another, they tactically do this by the assistance of the court via court ordered to-do list. In some cases, even when the court is not involved yet, especially cases involving alleged* abuse against one parent, CPS solely makes them believe they need to live apart for the time being if they want the issue to be resolved soonest and favorably*.

They break the unity and parental co-operation, since these parents live apart or now live apart because of the court's decision, they selectively incite betrayal, manipulate parents into working against one another, while doing all these, parents financial confidence is gradually dwindled as well. What makes this so easy for caseworkers is the fact that they will have access to both parties and the game becomes ever set in their favour. This is why so often, Fathers have complained so bitterly that they were screwed out of custody by caseworkers conniving with mothers (cases involving disagreement in custody). Even after the mothers gain sole custody(temporarily or permanently), they get targeted again by case workers. A single parent is easier to tackle! and CPS will continually makes use of this loophole. Oh yes, many cases have gone this route, it is a simple technique CPS uses. Try look up the Fogarty Hardwick v County of Orange case and you will see this at work. Many many more cases of these are available, you just need to do a simple google search and you would see similar cases popping up in your search result.

Step One: Get rid of the father

Step Two: Make the mother feel safe and secured

Step Three: CPS comes back again reinforced to take down a Single Parent having custody

Step Four: CPS gets custody = Uncle Sam gets custody

Congratulations Cupboard-Talk by caseworkers: We fooled them!, those immature parent never saw us coming Our dīvide et imperā technique is unbeatable.

Parents need to be careful, really very careful, for the deceit and evil methodology of caseworker is so much and destructive that we need to be on our toes every time. Also, while they are at their job of destroying your home, and pitting you against one another, they would carefully introduce many more problems into your family. Problems you have never dreamed of. As an example, in the Forgatry case, the caseworker did so much evil, on one occasion, she deceitfully prevented the children from being visited by their father. She lied about it and stated that the mother refused the father from visiting, further stating that she had broken the court ordered supervised visit, hence the children where plucked off their mother's arm to foster home, just like that!. We now know of this fact about this case after the family ended up winning an Appeal years later, but many damage was already done.

Caseworkers are so good at playing the divide and conquer game, regrettably, many homes still fall for CPS deceit, with this technique they have torn homes apart so they can subdue them much easily, individually. They are still at this game, they will keep playing this game, introducing more problems into your homes!, problems that will justify their involvement in your family. They feed off these negative energies, as your family crumbles, your children are stolen illegally lawfully. They triumph as your family crumbles. Be informed and walk in the path of knowledge and wisdom. Beware of CPS, don't fall a victim.

Fight For The True Interest Of Every Child Worldwide

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

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