[RP]CPS at It: Be Weary Of Your History And Present?

The reasons to be careful is beyond counts, it is no longer a matter of protecting your nuclear family only, it is much more than that, it has always been, but most of us have not considered nor carefully analysed the extent of power, grip and surveillance the System holds on families. This post is prompted by the need to bring light to the consequences of being investigated and the impact that might befall close relatives and others.

I waited to make this account until I get a few account and parents stories related to CPS surveillance and the un-considered consequences that befalls bigger families and relatives. In the trail of investigating an alleged abuse, some fraction of caseworkers take it to another level, they go digging for history of not just the unit families they are presently involved with, but extended and compound families aswell.

Below account is by a concerned parent who is fed up of the system and how they try to bend us and separate children from their loving parents.

I had a case with DHS that went South so quickly, I know I and my wife ain't the perfect parents in the world, but we are the best parents for our children. We've always had a great time and we move the rocks in our homes in accordance to the best ability we have. Front court to DHS then to court and to all manner of schedule.

We had it in us to fight no matter what, they dug into my wife's history to combat our effort, after months of constant headstrong encounter and seeing we had an impeccable case in our favour, they came threatening, and saying if we failed to cooperate that they would go after my wife's immediate sister and would make sure they go beyond that. My wife and her sister had issue with drugs 11yrs ago, and since they couldn't get us to cooperate with their terms, they promised to go after her sister.They did!. --Gerald(edited).

In the course of CPS trying to claim a child, they often look for reasons (whatsoever-implicating) to create a false chain of needful interference into homes. History digging is the major tools implemented. They often go behind parents to obtain medical records of all family members, even down to relatives without any permission, nor consent from those presently being investigated by CPS, they aswell pull off privacy concentric information of the larger family tree.

Fishing for history of drugs abuse, which in the case of Gerald wife was over 11 yrs ago, They invade the privacy of families, pulling off records of alcohol addiction, mental disorder, physical and sexual abuse.

Another account from a lady who was ruled out and threatened from taking custody of her brother's daughter sheds in more light on the tactics of many caseworkers who are die-hard fans of separation.

Refusing to take custody of my little Niece was heart breaking for me. When my brother had an health challenge and was paralysed, unable to talk, nor do anything, CPS came in wanting to take my niece since he couldn't care for her anymore. I took her in and cared for her, I have two kids and there was always a a living space for my little niece. That didn't stop the caseworker from coming back, they told me to let them have the child that she would be safer adjusting well under CPS care than with me.

They previously came like they wanted to offer sincere advice, but started compelling me to let them have my niece else I stand a high risk of loosing my kids aswell. I was shocked when I was told this, they said it so confidently and I have previously seen them destroy families in our little county, so they definitely wasn't kidding, She revealed to me my past experience with drug and alcohol, and threatened to do more than just tarnish my image, but also send my kids off to foster hones..

Luckily, after my niece was in the foster care system for more than 7 months, my mother finally won custody of her grandchild. It finally ended well, but I still live with this guilt till today and I am spending every time trying to make up for the ill I had caused my little niece. That is what DHS does, they play families like chess, and I regret all I did, I left my niece to suffer all because I was a fearful coward --Anonymous(edited)

The length CPS is willing to take to deprive a child of true familial bond for exchange of securities, money and other involved incentive is so alarming. As a matter of fact, they hold too much power and access to health history and records. I have seen many grandparents deprived from caring for their grandchildren, relatives, uncles, aunts and more scared off by CPS.

The Child Protection Service protects no man, of course, I would love to give credit for their bright sides, but I can't!, I no longer see it!, all I see 90% of the time are broken homes, traumatized children and a country moving towards a state of unloved children, therefore, unloving adults. If one nuclear family falls, it opens doors to other extended families to be victimize by CPS, it's a chain that CPS would use when they want to, if you are being investigated, be pretty sure your close living family trees would as well be investigated to high level with or without consent. Don't draw CPS to your doors.

How can we change this system. For how long shall these cries continue?

Fight For The True Interest Of Every Child Worldwide

Rpost; There is need for fresh eyes to see this and stand up to help.

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

If you truly care and passionate about helping families and children worldwide facing CPS injustice, an healthy step is to JOIN the @familyprotection community.

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