?Hacked: When You Get Pushed Out Of Your Own House By An Impostor

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On Wednesday, there was a party here on my blog, a party supposedly anchored by me(@kryptocoin). The party was one that was well played and organised, but there was a problem with it all. I, @kryptocoin was not invited. In fact I was trying my master key(steem master key) to get into this supposed party organised by me!. Unfortunately, my keys did not work, the Steem Blockchain replied me in a red lettered font of "Incorrect Password". The party I write about is this post HERE  .

How could it be that the celebrant was locked out of his own home?, How could it be!. This was the mystery I was trying to understand even though the answer was staring at me in crystals.

Lets Rewind: The Revelation

I got registered on discord as early as the early days of @familyprotection, back then I used to do an occasional presentation of my post about Family Preservation, CPS crimes and better ways of approaching the issue of foster care system on the Thursday Whaleshares Network. I was literally on discord because of the @familyprotection community and that only. 

From day one of being on Discord, I had messaged @canadian-coconut and we've shared ideas since then and I have learnt so much from her and the initiative she and @markwhittam  started. 

As you all know, I have been going through the thick of my time because I had a near-fatal accident a few months back that I am still recovering from for that reason I have been off and on steemit for a period of time now.  
Last Wednesday, I got a discord notification which I hardly get on a normal day, I looked through my phone to see who it was. It was my dear friend CaCo, the message read:

 Hello. I have a question about your latest post.  Something does not seem right and I want to make sure that it is really you. --CaCo

That moment, I thought she must had made a mistake, I thought she intended to send that message to someone else. I replied her that I haven't made any post that day(not in 24 days). She insisted that she just got a response from me on steemit. I dashed to my blog, lo and behold @kryptocoin had supposedly made a post, I couldn't take time to read through it yet, that didn't worry me because I thought it might have been one of my friends who had previously made a post on steemit seeking advice from the @familyprotection community with my POSTING KEY. My worry state changed immediately I saw that  347.607 steem was sent from my account!. 

I Was Hacked?

The party I spoke of was a POST! and the party ground was my ACCOUNT. The HOST was an impostor wearing a mask made out of my personality. I couldn't gain access to my account, that moment I decided to read the post itself. It sounded like me except for the CIA part! and well, the entire post was a sharp piercing LIE!!!!!!!!!! But it was written in my voice, with my pen and delivered with my steemit account. 

Was I hacked?, I couldn't have been hacked!

HACK Meaning:
Gain unauthorized access to data in a system or computer.  

Was I phished?

 oh no!!  I'm so sorry You must have been phished
must have clicked on a link that you thought was Steemit, and entered your password-CaCo

I wasn't even sure if I was phished, it couldn't be that, because I think I was making use of my Active key on my computer. 

Desperately praying that all this should be a joke, I dashed over to my bittrex since my liquid fund was transferred to my usual bittrex account(Perhaps I was suffering from Alzheimer?). Bittrex screamed at me in red fonts;  "Invalid username or password ", I logged into the email I used to create my bittrex account, and saw a mail confirming a withdrawal I never made. Then it dawned on me that I had lost all my funds on steemit, my bittrex account containing a cup of n eos tokens , my steemit account and my identity to some unknown Joe. 

The Only Explanation

This couldn't be that I was hacked online or phished by some random link on steemit since my bittrex account was also stolen. The only explanation I could possibly think of was that my laptop got into the wrong hands after my accident, perhaps where the vehicle was towed to or somewhere in-between. 

This impostor must have gotten a hold of my laptop, swapped the harddisk and got it working on another laptop to gain access to my files of which there is a randomly named .rtf file of my pass?, or perhaps the laptop escaped been broken like my legs, arms and fingers?, could it have escaped coma? because my password to my laptop is "password"?, I use Google Smart login, so that could be how he managed to get to my bittrex?....Jeeze, I was getting frustrated.

The post was flagged after @canadian-coconut took time to alert me and I told her that I couldn't log in anymore and that my funds and bittrex account had been stolen.

The Impostor Took His Time 

He moved my funds, I never knew about it, I had not logged into steemit for a while, he should have left my poor account alone, right?. No, he decided to write a post and make more steem?, and make the account his own!. Perhaps he thought there was no way or channel I could make a complain to other steemians who would believe me. Perhaps he thought he was now Kryptocoin, right?. 

The post was so written in a way that I was left to believe that this isn't just an impostor, he was a smart and tricky one. He must have read almost all my posts, if not all, nothing short of maybe 50 posts he went through. Because he spoke about Madam Becca who Eugene wrote about 7 months ago, he perfectly described my connection and my bond with Eugene, spoke about the group I belonged and every little details. This was one hell of a dedicated impostor!. He took his time, and I believe it wasn't just for a few weeks, he must have had access for more than a month, but only decided to change my steemit password and bittrex keys the moment he was certain he could be Kryptocoin. 

After being flagged, the impostor made a duplicate post as well, and ditched the @familyprotection tag, thinking that would change anything. 

He Didn't Do His Homework Well

Have I ever used "fundition" tag, or "charity" tag? I have never used those tags on steemit. O boy, you(impostor) ain't as smart as you think. I hope you spend your time doing something more genuine. You didn't even know about discord!. You never knew I was on Discord. Goodbye, impostor.

Oh Linda, My Heroine 

From the moment Linda read the post, she knew something was wrong!. I would have been sleeping in my bed or reading through some therapy book, or just seated outside while my personality, dignity, fund, account and all was being stolen continuously if not for this wonderful Angelic woman, Linda. 

The Impostor gave a little sound and pseudo-genuine reply to her comment on the FAKE POST. Even though it took a while for me to reply Linda on Discord, and even though the post was already resteemed, she still wasn't sure it was me. The moment I replied on discord, she knew her Instinct was 101% on point, she flagged the impostor and confronted him/her straight on. 

Linda sent me a link, to contact Steemit Inc.(I thought I couldn't recover my account anymore), and I got my account back in less than 48hrs. Still awaiting bittrex to reset my passwords, all my passwords to my emails that were auto-logged in on my supposedly crashed laptop have all been changed.

Investigator?, detective?, none of that fits this Woman, @canadain-coconut is an Angel, and I am lucky and grateful I met her!.

Thank You @enjoywithtroy, @eco-alex, @crosheille, @anouk.nox, @lyndsaybowes, @dreemit, @familyprotection

The response from you all spoke great words when I was speechless, literally!. The EcoTrain Driver(eco-alex) even admonished the impostor to change his ways and return my keys. Thanks to dear Troy, @dreemit, lovely cynthia, anouk, steem angel pioneer(lyndsay) and to @familyprotection.... I am grateful.

Kicked Out

Now I can do some genuine partying in my house. I am no longer locked out of my house, the impostor has been kicked off for good. I will have to be more careful and encrypt my hardisk and play safe with storing Master keys in the future. I am glad the masquerade ball is over and my personality is no longer being used as a mask. I am grateful to everyone for their part they played before I was able to regain access.

I Love To Make Blooms And Children Need It More Than Ever

Peace to you all,
( @kryptocoin )

If you truly care and passionate about helping families and children worldwide facing CPS injustice, an healthy step is to JOIN the @familyprotection community.

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I am glad to be back from the land of impostors. sound of relief

Thanks for sharing what happened with everybody!
It was indeed all very strange. I am happy that I didn't ignore my instincts, that I reached out to you, and that you answered me quickly!
Now that this drama is pretty much over, make sure to get lots of rest and finish your recovery!


Thanks CaCO

Wow, what a strange thing to have happen! I agree with some others that it sounds almost like someone you know, though who knows what went on with your laptop while you were in a coma.

I'm so glad Linda was paying attention. I just went back and read the hacker's post and I understand exactly what she was talking about - when I got to the part about the orphanages I was thinking, "Huh? I thought @kryptocoin was in the States?"

So the person did research, but not enough - and then to try to brazen it out by putting some search engine definition about the difference between orphanages and the foster care system in the US and then telling Ca-Co there must be some mistake because he wasn't on Discord...


I'm glad you're getting much better, @kryptocoin and I'm so sorry for the missing funds...that really hurts. But I'm really glad you've gotten your keys to the house back and evicted the imposter.


He definitely didn't do his research well.
It all happened for the best I believe, and the missing fund is just a minor setback.
Thank You @lturner and I am sorry I am replying late.

Wow!! What a happy ending to this story, so great that you got your account back! I have tears in my eyes, just so beautiful! Way to go @canadian-coconut, just outstanding!!

This is why bots will never take over STEEM. We need each other!


Bots?, they can't replace human bonds.
Thank you dear Lyndsay.
Stay blessed.

No need to thank me.. I am happy to read a post that's actually really yours. Thankfully CaCo was on top of it, and noticed what was going on, too bad you have lost your well earned steem :-( I wish this didn't happen to you, you worked hard for it.. I truly hope you're doing ok, and I wish you a good recovery .. much love ♡


I am doing Ok Dear, getting stronger by the day. The steem is secondary, everything will take care of its self at the end.
Stay blessed my Friend.

This is music to our ears. We are so glad the “real” you @kryptocoin is back. I don’t care how well he/she tried to imitate you, there is not match for the hard work and efforts you have put forth for this community. It’s saddening how easy it is for people to take from others. I’m just glad they didn’t get away with it for too long. I’m so sorry you lost your funds but I also know with how much you put into your work you’ll gain it back in no time.

Continue to recover well and know that prayers are still being sent your way. I concur that Ca-Co is an angel and it’s so comforting seeing the way this was all handled. I love how we have each other’s backs! 😊 Way to go team!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Let’s keep on spreading this needed awareness!


Thank you to the queen of Crochets #smiles. Your prayers are effective dear Friend.
How is the family?
Hmmmm, I missed congratulating you on the +1 God sent your home!.
It just got to me. Congrats dear friend. God bless your home every minute that unfolds.


Haaaa! That made me smile, thanks! ☺️😄

Prayers do work!!

My family is doing well thank you! Yes we have our baby girl at home and she’s growing so fast...almost 3 months already.


Oh Great!!!. The ladies won!. lol. Your older daughter now has a little skirty sibling!.
Hahaha. Congrats.


Haaa! Yep we sure did!! 😄


Wow, this is insane. I saw the post the other day in the family protection feed and had to look as it had been flagged to that weird dulled look. I saw Canadian Coconut letting them know the jig was up. What threw me was (granted I don't know you) the meticulous post they crafted trying to pretend to be you. Insane what people will do.

I am guessing your accident was before I discovered family protection, maybe even before I joined Steemit. Have you recovered from the accident?


Sorry i am replying late,
This goes to show how easy it is to impersonate someone if given the right conditions.
I am glad this was resolved quickly.
Well the accident happened after you joined steemit, maybe somewhere inbetween discovering @familyprotection .
Thank you and stay blessed.

You are dear to our hearts @kryptocoin. I am so glad you are back and safe at your real home with no imposters around. Both you and I share the commonality of being hacked. It's interesting that our stolen SBD was very similar. Things like this draw us closer to one another. I will Resteem this. I am out of town right now but will be in touch. Being hacked is hell but we come out of it stronger. Linda has a beautiful heart and is one smart ca-co. Please know we love you


Thank you Troy for all you do.
Sorry for the late reply
Thanks for what you sent to me.


You are most welcome blessings

When I read this kind of true story, it breaks my heart. And I can't do something except to pray.

Glad to have you back!


Thank you Lady Becca.
Stay blessed.

im REALLY happy this ended well.. THis is a great mystery. IREALLY cant believe anyone would be able to get to grips with steemit that well so quickly and with no help.. the theif would have to be a Genius! i would have to say, this must surely be someone already on Steemit!

Please consider using lastpass.com .. one of the best ways to keep things safe!



The car crash happened quite a while ago. So they may have taken all this while to learn about crypto and about Steemit. It is a HUGE learning curve for most people. It may have taken them this long to set up their own accounts to be able to turn the cryptos/Steem into cash. So I do think it is possible that it is someone new to Steemit. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they did open their own Steemit account after discovering @kryptocoin's laptop. Maybe they found out that it is really hard when you are first starting out and that's when they decided to take over another identity.
Whatever the case may be, you are right that it is really strange.


Dear Alex,
Sorry for my late reply
I will definitely check out Lastpass.com and see how it is used.
Thank you dear Friend and stay blessed.

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Wow that is really weird. Who would go through all that trouble when they could have just stolen your funds straight up and bailed? That is so odd. Almost makes you think you could figure out who did it... like you must know the person.

Also, the funds were transferred a week ago but the power down only started 3 days ago... who has that kind of self control? I almost don't believe you.

😝😝😝 After all, you do have 666 followers 😝😝😝


Oh yes, please do read through the previous post..
He or she started the power down immediately he was caught and after canadian-coconut told him/her that she had spoken with me on discord. That moment, he started a power down.
I wish I knew the person, if I did, I won't be making this post in the first place. But his deed will surely catch up with him else he changes. Thanks for your comment dear Edicted.
lollllllzzzz. Please follow me so it becomes 667!. lol. That was hilarious my Friend.

It's great to know that the community has our backs! I'm happy to know you got your steem back. Good lessons for us all. Thanks for posting!

This post was upvoted and resteemed by @thethreehugs. Thank you for your support!


Thank you dear threehugs.

Steem is the best.
Justice finally.

Wow, I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. I am also beyond happy to hear you have gotten your accounts back and that you have such good, good friends. That is the true treasure to be found on Steemit. The money is great, but the friendships are invaluable <3


The friendship are invaluable!. And I believe the purpose of the @familyprotection initiative in the first place is to create a bond that goes beyond the scope of limitations. I pray we get to the stage where we can be of 100% help to those being oppressed by CPS.
Thank you my dear Tamara. (my first time knowing you!). Stay blessed.


Thank you! I am blessed every day and I wish the same for you! I know in my heart you will recover all you have lost, and more.