Foster System: A Graveyard For Children?

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The darkest side to CPS intrusion and the foster care system is that a considerable chunk of the children flocking into the system ends up dead. Many might want to argue that 'Children die everyday, foster care or not'. While this is true, the "Abnormal-rampant" rate of death in foster care is very disturbing when compared to the general population. From a research titled DEATH IN FOSTER CARE found HERE spanning many years of data, it is undeniable that children die unnecessarily because of CPS forced disguised "righteous" intervention.

For those who are unable to read the research, I would share below the summary:

The most reliable data sources show that the ratio of deaths in foster care to deaths in parental care is 5.25 in Arizona, 9.5 in Saskatchewan, 6.9 in Manitoba, 11.9 in Britain and in Ontario 17.1 or 10.2, depending on whose side you take in a controversy. An overall round number of ten to one seems reasonable.

Projected over Americas 550,000 foster children, there should be 1540 deaths per year. Our list of foster deaths from news sources shows less than a hundred annually. A reasonable guess is that only one foster death out of twenty makes it into the press, even fewer than that in Ontario.

These are just NUMBERS!, but the moment you look past the numbers and see that these numbers were real people, children separated from their parents and then exposed to fatal conditions then you would but see the horror that lurks awaiting children taken by CPS. Parents who just lost a child to CPS don't look at numbers!, they don't need the numbers as proof, their pain is all the proof they need.

According to the Research, a personal opinion is made by the author; Only one out of twenty get to the press. What have these children done to deserve these ills?.

When One child is lost to death by the hands of CPS at least an average of 4 people mourn, a family cries and baptized in a river of hurt and trauma. In America, more than 1540 fatalities occur every year after CPS takes children away from their home. Averagely, this means more than 1540 Families are in serious hurt and bereaved every single year because of CPS intrusion.

According to a much more older report by the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, the rate of fatalities when compared to parents' care shows a super high 427%.

Looking beyond the numbers , all I see are Young Faces of children ripped off the land of living by the greed of CPS, hunger for money, relevance, power and more!. The Best interest of the child?, no! no!!, no!!. All I see is Death Certificates flocking into family diaries. Family Trees Withering.

How can so much weeping families still decide to remain silent and take it as fate?...My heart is in Painful Pain.
It is not just about NUMBERS, They were Children deprived of life for crying out loud!!!!!

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Peace to you all,
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