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The Awoken in this Piece is used to refer to children who are deprived a chance to dream, hope, wish and fight for their own future by the sides of their Loving Families

Asleep in my world
You in yours
They in their's
Everyone deep at his own.
Who then is awake,
Awake to see the Awoken struggle
For we are all asleep.
In dreams I am
In hope you are
Towards the future they look
Everyone wishing and dreaming
Who then would give the Awoken a dream
A hope for a better time ahead
So a Future the Awoken could likewise wish.
Who then is awake for the Awoken
If we can have a dream
Don't the Awoken deserve one?
If we can hope for a better life
Don't the Awoken deserve one?
If we all have a Loving Family
Don't the Awoken Deserve One?.
In snores,
Who then is awake,
Awake to see the Awoken struggle
For we are all asleep
Asleep and awake at an instance of None!

Awake Oh Compassionate!
Give the Awoken a sleep,
A dream
A Hope
A Future
A Family
Then these Children can do the same to other Awoken
A cycle of unending love and care Breeds
Everyone not to his own
Everyone for Another!
Everyone brewing in Love and Compassion!
Potently Unbreakable!

Be the VOICE!

Peace to you all,

This is an Original Piece by MakeBloom( @kryptocoin ) inspired by The call to give Children a better future and to get all the love they Require, Protecting them from the corrupt hands of CPA.

Join the noble cause @familyprotection  and every other means possible
To give the voiceless Children the right to be loved by their Families
Give a family the right to enrich their beautiful Children.


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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes.

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If I were awake what would I see?
Where would I live? Who wold I be?
If I were awake to embrace a day
Would I playfully run or run away?
If I were awake to love and grow
But what is love if you do not know?
For trashed am I and so too tossed
If I were awake.... What would it cost?
For I gave up my childhood and dreams
But I'm somewhat awake... or so it seems.
If I were awake...ah yes my friend
To another home for me they send.
And so I learn to hoard food an lie
If I were awake ... would I cry?
How can I dream if this is all I know?
If I were awake...oh no... oh no.
But then I think of compassion and care
If I were awake would someone be there?
To help me grow...to help me be.
If I were awake could I be free?
Oh please! oh please! A hope that is real
If I were awake, but then I must feel
A dream for now, if only could be
If I were awake....oh please help me!

A poem I wrote tonight from your wonderful poetic post. Thanks for inspiring me.


That is certainly heart touching @enjoywithtroy These children are in despair indeed. Reminds me of what I learned from working with some gang kids many years back. The loss of hope is the most devastating of all I think. Love, compassion and care, as long as it can be hoped for, holds a spark that it may come, but when hope is lost the spark goes out and only despair remains.

You certainly have a gift with words!


Wow. You are a natural sayer! I am happy this inspired you to write this great lines. Thanks for sharing it, this children get a voice through our insights into the life they are made to live, stripping them of all dreams, hope and a bright future.

Nice piece...Thanks for the share..


Thanks for reading through

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