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RE: How I Could've Lost My Kids For No Good Reason

It’s terrible when you try and give someone a chance and do what you can to make things right and it totally backfires and ends is causing you so much problems.
I’ve seen meth ruin lives all around me. It is so sad to see what the meth addicts will do to their own family to feed their addictions.
Thank God for the happy ending to this part in your life. May God’s blessings be with your family.


Meth is straight up evil. I was pretty unaware of just how much of a problem it is in our area and how destructive it is until it hit this close to home. Nasty stuff!! Thank you!! :)

I tried to save a close family member 3 times from meth. Flew them down to live with us 3 different times, to get them cleaned up and healthy again. Unfortunately it never worked and ended up taking their life while they were sleeping. Which they rarely do when they are on that crap.
The mental changes that occur from meth use is scary. They way they look at things in general is so far out in left field even when they aren’t currently on it. It’s the devils drug!!

@jlsplatts that is incredibly sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. I does take a long time for the brain to heal after meth use, and I agree, it is completely satanic.

I was told only one in ten people who attempt to quit will be clean within a year, so I consider Jared's case extremely rare and I'm so grateful that our family is in tact, but the worry in the back of my mind that he'll use again someday is definitely there.

It's a drug that seems to seek people out who are in a bad place in life. Jared was down and out after I left with the kids and then he lost his job. Some old "friend" turned dealer came around when Jared was lonely and angry and saw it as a perfect opportunity to get him hooked. Rarely do happy, healthy, put together people leave everything behind for this drug, but it does happen. And usually it only takes one try and they're hooked for life. It takes everything. Family, home, possessions, their very soul.

As if you'd think there is nothing worse than meth, there's that new drug called flakka, that turns people literally into zombie-like creatures. Look it up on YouTube if you haven't seen it. Not looking forward to that one hitting town.

yeah it's pretty scary to see people on flakka, and I've never seen it up close...But meth and crack...jeez, what can I say: I've seen people literally sell their sister for crack :(