The family as the fundamental basis of society

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From school we have been taught that the family is the fundamental basis of society, but if we look at today's society we could say that families (I do not include all of them) are not doing their job as they should, otherwise we would not have a society full of vices and ambition in which respect and love for others has been lost. In this article I want to write about how society has been degraded due to the neglect of parents at home.

The reason for this is that the home is the place where we receive our first teachings, when I think of the system of human formation I understand that babies are like a blank notebook waiting to be written and their pages are written as they receive information which they perceive with their five senses, We learn language through what we hear from our parents but we don't just learn what we hear, in fact what we see makes us understand or interpret words, so that before we go out into the street we are in the hands of our parents who have the power to build solid foundations of respect and education in us but what happens today?

Many parents seem to be so busy in their own affairs that they leave their children's education to TV programs and that's where they are learning, many of these programs have been widely criticized for their content, yet some parents are able to expose their children to these programs without supervising what they are learning. Then, when it's time to go to school if you don't have a solid foundation of how to be a good citizen, you'll find children who don't respect their teachers, who are used to getting what they want without caring how it affects others and that's where the complications begin.

Today we have a society full of young people with no moral values, pregnancies at an early age due to lack of guidance, to all this we must add that the system itself is pushing society into anarchy, It seems that at last Pinky and Cerebro have found a way to conquer the world and I am sure that their plan is based on attacking the little ones focused on the control of future generations and we are allowing them to do so because we are careless, so it is necessary to remember that we are the ones who are laying the foundation for the formation of our children, we must take on the role that corresponds to us and we will surely have a better society.

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La familia es elemental por que del hogar, se aprenden valores que nos permiten ser mejores personas.


Así es, si todos lográramos entender eso viviéramos en un mundo distinto.!

Yes! Children are like sponges they absorb everything they see & hear.


That is correct!! thank you for your comment!!


Absolutely! Thank you for the post brother