Parents across the world - unite and join a Mass Army to reform Child PREDATION Services!

Since setting up her National Coalition for Family Court and CPS Reform in 2014, Brooklyn parent Francesca Amato-Banfield has been overwhelmed by interest and support.

“We soon found out that these Child “Predation” Services are not just operating in the US but globally”, says Francesca - so she’s inviting parents everywhere to become advocates in Canada, Australia, the UK, Uganda, Ireland and many other countries.

We are looking for advocates who are strong leaders, with a clean background. We will be interviewing them. And for parents in general, if you have had false allegations made against you we are willing to talk to you - because we do understand how that bogus system works and how your rights were violated. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to get in touch, says Francesca on Facebook:



If you would like to join the coalition, either as an advocate or to gain support and advice from parents savvy to the system, please contact them via their website or on Facebook

By 2014, firecracker mom Francesca was sick of the “revolving door” of Family Courts, corrupt judges and child attorneys who were NOT working in the best interest of children and did not follow existing laws to protect the rights of families.

Befriending other parents who’d experienced the same she founded a Coalition to reform the Family Court and CPS i.e. clean up what has to be one of the dirtiest sumps in the swamp.

This growing network is going from strength to strength. The website, set up last October, is now receiving over 65 000 visitors a month and thousands of aggrieved parents are networking on their Facebook page, linked above.

If you are a parent/adult whose life has been trashed by Family Court corruption, join this army! The coalition is actively looking for advocates to support parents and network in all countries.

Channel your pain and frustration into something positive: help others, sharing what you know - offer a shoulder to cry on and - best of all - weigh in for some serious SWAMP DRAINING!!! Here's an example of their recent swamp-draining work, ousting corruption in Ulster County:

Francesca works with National organizations, domestic violence experts, law enforcement, legislatures and advocacy groups across the Nation. She Spear headed the first "rally for reform in Ulster County & the "WE THE PARENTS EVENT" in Washington D.C. Currently, she hosts her own talk show Punished 4 Protecting and is about to publish her first book "Punished 4 being a Mother"

Francesca will be sent the link to this article and informed about @familyprotection on Steemit - I will refer her to @canadiancoconut.


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Governments around the world,
are using "Child Protection Agencies"
to take children away from loving families
and place them in foster care or group homes
or put up for adoption.

Thank-you @healingherb for supporting @familyprotection

united we stand one mass army sounds like a wonderful idea. I pray that our God will bless it and help in the efforts of these heroes who have the grit and conviction to defend children, parents and families. David defeated Goliath and we can do the same. AMEN


AMEN @enjoywithtroy. AMEN!!! :)

Awesome, the world needs more people like Francesca!!


Indeed :)

I hope you include me as well.thankd for this post . Resteemed .


Sure, @navala - let us know how you get on if you join the army! And good luck :)

I almost missed this post. This is great info and will help tremendously has we coordinate efforts. There certainly is power in numbers when raising the voice for children and a great need to do so. @entrepreneur916 just posted this article as well.

I'm thinking I best create a folder and start putting all the posts with info on groups and organizations outside of steemit that are working toward the same goals so we can easily coordinate efforts. Thank you for this post @healingherb


This is an excellent idea. If we begin to branch out and get together, we will become more powerful. There is undeniable power in numbers.


What we will first find is a great many groups, organizations etc. that are working toward the same goal. However, much time and effort is lost only because many are duplicating efforts rather than coordinating them. When we see the real power in numbers is when all the many efforts are brought together. I make up words sometimes and I call this "ium" it is the bringing together. LOL


I agree. Communication and unification will be the game-changer.


Thanks, @vickiebarker. You are doing excellent work. See my next post for similar - it's good to offer people something they can do....I'm going to read @entrepreneur916's post now.


I agree wholeheartedly. It is always best to not only expose a problem because that is so hard for people to only get the problem side but offer a possible solution to that problem. What makes them feel good in addressing a problem is knowing there is also a solution and how they might be able to help. (I think it cuts down on cognitive dissonance) Helping is human nature and will always make one feel better about themselves. So thank you for your comment too, it made me feel better :)

I will resteem this post and read about her initiative more later .. I am not sure if it is my time yet, because I have more to share first, I believe.. but I do support this kind of help with all my heart.. I will share this ..


I'm looking forward to reading more of your story :)


Thanks :-)

thank you for sharing this post and videos, it's so important to show that changes are happening that people are getting empowered to take action.


Thanks @trucklife-family. That's exactly what I thought :)

Excellent work my friend. I posted a similar article yesterday, I wasn't aware of this article or may have approached my article a bit differently. However, I feel that it is good continuing to promote and bring awareness to similar groups in which we can network with. I will be personally reaching out to them as well and seeing if we can contribute to both efforts.


Thanks @entrepreneur916. I'm about to read your post - check my next. It's good to have all sorts of angles on every topic - these are difficult areas :)


Yes they are. However, we seem to have a good team. There is just a lot to follow and the pile of corruption is large and thick.