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RE: How I Could've Lost My Kids For No Good Reason

My daughter in law told her doctor she was having a bit of baby blues about a week after giving birth to twins. He sent her to a shrink. He wanted her on antidepressants. She refused, she was nursing.
Frantic call in the middle of the night, cops at their house demanding to see the kids. My son would not let them in. We hid the mother and babies for a week or so until we had a "hearing" where my husband and I, both medical professionals, explained how we would be suing for the distress they were causing the new mother, among other very serious PROMISES to those bastards.
Not one fucking INCH, you cannot give them ONE FUCKING INCH. They are a MAJOR source of prey for pedophile predators.
Glad you were able to save your kids.


I LOVE your actions. And to hear this coming from medical professionals means a lot to me. Loads of medical professionals will just go along with their crap. I've been through a similar ordeal as your son and daughter in law and I wish I would have had someone like you in my corner then. My son was less than one week old, and the stress it gave me almost made me quit breastfeeding. So they're so 'concerned' about kids that they do everything to do them harm....Thank you for sharing and standing behind your son/daughter in law. Much respect for you.

Very true. I've heard too many similar stories like this. Don't give an inch.

You seemed to know exactly what to do. Yeah I let them walk all over me. Perhaps I could've handled it differently. Both your daughter-in-law and I ended up being able to keep our kids, but does the end justify the means in my case? I really don't know. Who knows what would've happened for me if I took a hard stance with them, especially considering I contacted them for help at the time. For me it was between breaking the law and not allowing him to see the kids, or get a third party involved...I feel I was between a rock and a hard place, but looking back I should've had more of a backbone with Jared and come what may. He was on drugs and it was no secret, and I certainly wouldn't have been arrested or anything for protecting my kids without cps involvement. Thanks for reading!!

You handled it PERFECTLY. How can you tell? Your kids are with their lovin' momma.