Of Grave Concern - An Original Poem Spoken From A Child- Enjoy with Troy!

If only the dead could speak. But in these 7 stanzas bearing 28 lines, we hear the voice of a concerned child from the grave warning the world of the perils of child enslavement that can lead to death. For those who know our governmental system, we know this child trembles in its grave while telling the horror of the CPS foster care system.

With the cry of the morning dew, this child speaks of the living grave that the system has waiting for our youth. Through the body of the poem this resting youth tells the story of the binding and stealing of children starting with the initial rap on the door. The wearing and tearing apart of the parent-child relationship is compared to broken vine where virgin wine is spattered to waste. Children are sold in the trade of foster care and trafficked for gain. Innocence and the soul dies. Because of their evil greed and selfishness the CPS are deaf to the mournful cry

Poetical Bookends

The first two stanzas and last two stanzas mirror each other yet offer different images. The 'scattered green' begins as a cemetery lawn and ends the poem as green cash achieved through lies and stealing. Again child is 'waiting' in the grave for his family, yet the poem ends with the CPS lying 'in wait' to take the child. 'morning' become 'mourning' , 'silent' turns to 'violent' 'pray' becomes 'prey'and the 'living grave' becomes the 'living slave' which offer a synonymous irony.

With continued bookends the engraved child offers two pleas, one in the beginning and another at the end of the poem.

'May children free and tethered nil
Still innocence to save.'
'Oh silence flee! God free us still.
No child to see this grave.'

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Of Grave Concern

Upon the scattered green I lie
And wait for you my dear.
For as the morning dew doth cry
A fate of sorrowed fear.

For silent be, I tremble still
And pray the living grave.
May children free and tethered nil
Still innocence to save.

A chilling rap upon the door
That tears the heart to take,
Instilling crap, a stealing whore
That wears apart to break.

The splattered spill like virgin wine,
A youthful life enslaved.
Left shattered still, a broken vine
In pain and strife depraved.

Disposed for gain and sold in trade,
An innocence that dies
And withered, slain, the soul to fade
In voiceless silence cries.

And for the scattered green they lie
In wait for you my dear.
So deaf to hear the mournful cry
Your fate of death to fear.

For violent be upon their kill
They prey the living slave.
Oh silence flee! God free us still.
No child to see this grave.

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