I Remember When - A Short Story That Finds Its Karma - Enjoy with Troy!

I Remember When

I remember when I first received a phone call from you. You had some concerns about my son, , and how his home life was. You also asked about my relationship with his father, Eric. Honestly, the conversation was chilling and awkward. Why did you call anyway? You continued to bother us with you CPS social service routine with more conversations and eventually a meeting. I just wanted you to go away and leave us alone. But no. You would not and even forced your way into our home with an inspection and more questions. Why did you chose to harass us? We were fine before you entered our lives.


I remember when you came knocking at our door one day to take Zack from us. You were cold and all business as you said you were placing him temporarily in foster care. What the hell was temporary about it?I was in tears and my poor son could not understand what was happening. He kelp calling my name and I could see the fear and terror in his eyes as you escorted to his new home. Damn it was not fair. You did not understand our situation. You were were unforgiving and heartless. Damn the CPS and their rules. Why did you really take my son? Wasn't it more about your job...money and a quota to make? I tried so much to work with you and did get to see my dear child on supervised visits when I agreed to go along with your rules. Damn the rules. But you kept him in your foster care with strangers who did not love him. What did these foster parents have that I did not have? Why did you do this? I was a good parent.

I remember when I found out you allowed Zack to die. I found out that Tuesday. You let him be abused by these people. I could tell that he was unhappy and so fearful when I last saw him. Damn you! Why did you let it happen? Why did you take him and let him die. You would not even take responsibility for his death. And how long was he gone before you contacted me? Poor Zack did not deserve this! He will never be able to laugh or play ball or graduate from school or fall in love. He will never live again. I visit his grave every day...and tell him I am so sorry. Are you sorry? Have you ever had children? Do you even know what love is? All I see is evil. All I see is you killing children. All I see is death.

Several years later

I remember when I heard about them taking your child, Brittney. You were no longer employed by the CPS. But they stole your daughter too. A part of me felt sorry for you. I read about it in the news and how the foster care system was abusive to her. I understand the pain. Yet I remembered Zack and thought of how many others you legally took from their home. How does it feel now? I think you may understand now but how many children must suffer or die before others like you get it? Karma never forgets. I am not vengeful but I understand how you choose to treat others is how you will be treated. I truly am sorry for your loss and pray for you, but justice comes in many ways.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. - Galatians 6: 7-8


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Thanks my friend.

I love that quote that said how people treat you is their karma, how you react is your own karma. That is definitely


Thanks my friend.