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They old year is almost over with all its troubles and successes. Yet the innocence of children still is captive...kidnapped and stolen. The pain and loss is still expressed in the tears and faces of parents and little ones who are taken by the system.

Evil defiantly struts its disrespect and selfishness as it enslaves vulnerable loving families and profits in the child trafficking business. It is easy and justifiable to blame the CPS foster care system. After all they are the ones who are doing the stealing and spreading lies. They are the ones filling this world with corruption. They are the ones murdering innocence. But are they the only ones?

Evil left unattended only spreads its filthy corrupt agenda as it destroys all that is in sight.

No we have ourselves to blame if we do not take up the mantle of truth and fight for what is true and right. We have a moral obligation to defend freedom and protect innocence. We have the responsibility to stand with families and children who suffer under the hand and distress of the CPS foster care system. It all starts at home. If we do not then who will defend tomorrow? Who will protect families and children? Who will?


Love must always be stronger than apathy...always!

Love protects, nurtures and instills positive growth. Apathy is rooted out of selfishness and sadly allows evil and corruption to flourish. Love must overcome apathy. We must protect the child of tomorrow.

We cannot erase yesterday bit we can color tomorrow.

How do you want 2019 to be colored? Do you want it to be a year of love, protection and freedom for all? Or do you want children and families to be enslaved in the system? Do you want to see dreams fulfilled and joy flourish or would you rather continue in an apathetic world where lives are slaughtered, tears are shed and people are held captive against their will? How will the child of 2019 be? The choice is yours.

Make a difference in the life of a family or child. Spread the gift of love and say no to apathy.

Parents and children need your help. Consider letting go of apathy and sharing the love in protecting families and children against the trafficking and kidnapping of the CPS foster care system. Consider a pro-family group like @familyprotection who stand for family rights and freedom. You can embrace this new year with love as you protect the innocence of children and dreams of families. The families and children are needing your help in 2019. Will you share the love?

Embrace with love the innocence of the new!

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What is @familyprotection

If you do not know what family protection is I would encourage you to read our posts and help support the efforts of the fine bloggers who support the freedoms and rights of families. We work hard to promote an support the values and rights of moms and dads, that has come under attack by governments who wish to eliminate the God given authority and power of the family. @familyprotection uplifts the family and is always welcoming bloggers who wish to contribute to its cause. Consider standing for truth and the family. Consider @familyprotection.

Support Family Protection

THIS POST IS DEDICATED TO THE PROTECTION Of FAMILIES AND CHILDREN EVERYWHERE! God bless the folks @familyprotection who are speaking out for others. I encourage you to support their cause and support the bloggers who expose this tyranny and injustice. I want to offer a shout out to @canadian-coconut and @markwhittam in gratitude for all their efforts in this cause. Support @familyprotection?

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I agree with you @enjoywithtroy when you state that it is our apathy and indeed silence which allows for this clear systemic and organised through criminal government agencies ! So my question is what sort of action should we as " knowing " citizens put into place ?? Spreading information is one thing, but how do we as individuals manage to put the heat on and bring an end to this reign of terror, which we do I think all begin to see !


That is a great question. We know that the CPS is in it for the money. As a business you do not want bad publicity. I would encourage a non=violent in your face demonstration. Writing is good. Word of mouth is good too, But when you are physically visible spreading a contrary yet truthful agenda, as a business, you want that bad publicity to go away. I tend to think though we have made some positive steps, we are far too passive and even apathetic in our current approach. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. So does the fella standing on the busiest intersection with a sign. How did Martin Luther King Jr do it? Why do we not have more demonstrations today? The general public is dumbed down on poor diet and distracted with Facebook, work and so many other things to divert their attention away from the real issues. Again thanks.


yeah so we go right back to the apathy problem and frankly this is what worries me most ! As its one thing to have and create awareness, but once the awareness is there and confirmed, if we do nothing in real action, then what serves this awareness ??

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