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in #familyprotection4 years ago

welcome to steemit @dottydoris.. and also welcome to the @familyprotection community! Its great to hear a personal story like yours, these are valuable personal accounts. Thank you for taking the time to share them here.

It looks like you figured out how to use Steemit and post very well, congrats on that too!


You wouldn't have thought that earlier today [hehe], I have been trying to reply to people all day and trying to remember how to write another post. My grandson is home from work now so he is helping me, he says he is trying to keep me Alzeimer's free by posting on here .

ahhh, well its good you have your grandson, he obviously knows what he's doing =) and Yes reading Steemit posts all day defiantly keeps your brain cells active.. never a dull moment on Steemit!

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