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I enjoyed being involved with the @familyprotection community this year. It’s a community that is spreading awareness to protect families from being torn apart by child protection services or social services.

I wanted to do a lookback or an “in case you missed it” post of the year 2018. I don’t take the matters of family protection lightly. I am a wife and a mother and my family’s protection is the most important thing to me and a priority that every parent should have. Keeping our families strong, prepared and together should be of the upmost importance. I write based on my own personal experiences, research and accounts of people I know personally.


I started with this poem in January...

From the Eyes of the “Awake”!

In the hands of those that were sworn to protect
Our children disappear with a horrible effect

From lies, deceit, abuse and no respect
Parents are targeted and accused of neglect

False allegations, accusations, declarations no affirmations
A knock at your door with no hesitations

Into our lives stomp our pride our authority is denied
Over our homes and our children they no longer confide

Trust is snatched away and replaced with doubt
All the truth they ever knew has been mind controlled out

Safety and security are a distant thought
Our children abandoned who’s really at fault

Taken and sold to fulfill criminal intentions
The system above the law are pros at circumvention

Loving homes turned null, empty and cold
Workers celebrate victories of untruths that were told

Injustices, cruelty, prejudices, misdeeds
Have been done to our families so here is our plea

Stop disrupting our lives your help is diseased
Quit lying denying your goals to mislead

Stop trying to enter the answer is NO
You have no real proof, no evidence so GO

Beware of Awareness that’s starting to spread
Truth will ring free for all the tears that’s been shed

Those threats and scare tactics you use for your sake
Will no longer enslave us from the eyes of the Awake

~Original Poem by “Cynthia” @crosheille~

I wrote the above poem at a time when more writers for @familyprotection were being born and I was reading story after story that literally bought me to tears. This was my way of getting through that time.



In February I wrote this post for you to take heed and never assume full safety. If you are a parent, homeschool your children or refuse vaccinations you should always take precautions. Be wise of who you share your personal business/information with as it has been known that most calls to the CPS are from people you know. Laws are constantly changing. Stay up to date on your state so that you can be prepared if drastic changes and demands come your way.



There were two posts in March. The first one was a warning about signing the vaccination refusal form. The way the form is set up could literally cause your children to be taken out of your custody. When signing this form you are agreeing that refusing vaccinations is putting your child’s health and life at risk. It’s very deceptive and they use this form as an “admission” of neglect against the signing parent.


The second post was about the “Georgia Nine” case. Nine families were accused of child trafficking (their children) and had to provide photo id’s and birth certificates to prove their guardianship. While this case was getting settled, the children spent five months in foster care. When traveling out of your state please have documents on hand that prove your children belong to you.



This April post hit close to home. My cousin whom is deaf, was falsely reported to the CPS. The deaf community is already looked down upon by social services because there is a presumed negligence and maltreatment. I was able to assist her with the do’s and dont’s in case the CPS did show up at her door. I used the things I was learning about through the @familyprotection community. Thankfully no one ever came to her home and she has not had any further dealings with this situation.



June’s post hit home again. I shared with the community that my nephew’s children were at risk of being taken away by the CPS. The mother of my great niece and nephew had been having problems with her aunt trying to take their kids away. I also had a conversation with them about the do’s and dont’s such as not opening the door to them from the beginning. They had previously done their own research and had learned about the CPS’s ways and how to handle them. They were also well aware of their rights. Thankfully once again the case was closed and as of to date there have been no more occurrences. Study, research and always know what you’re up against.



For July I wanted to share the reasons why I write for @familyprotection. As I said before I don’t take these matters lightly. Out of all of the communities I write for and out of all of the subjects I write about, I take an extra care and spend the most time on posts I write for this community. We’re talking about families and lives that are being changed because of the effects of the CPS. I want to help spread Awareness and Education and help to Stop the Madness!



For the month of August there were two posts. In the first post I wrote about a mom named Maisha who’s five year old daughter was taken from her and placed in a home for four days. She put her daughter to bed and decided to take a bath...her daughter went off looking for her and ended up outside. The separation from her mother had a huge effect on the little girl. Maisha’s name remained on a state registry of child abusers for years which prevented this former daycare worker to work with children. A judge decided the risk of emotional harm in removal outweighed the risk of neglect.


The second post was about my first word of advice to homeschooling parents...Protection! A friend of my cousin was about to embark on this homeschool journey and I was asked to give her some valuable tips and advice. I listed what I planned to share in this post and the #1 tip was protection...protecting our families is a priority!



For October’s post I talked about free-range kids. These are kids that have been determined by their parents to be capable and responsible enough to be on their own unsupervised. I share a case where a mother was cited for ”Inadequate Supervision” for watching her children play in a park across from their apartment building while she watched from the window. Every child is unique and one way of parenting will not work for every family. It should be at the parents discretion what is best for their child.


I have learned a lot from being apart of this community. The personal stories people share as well as the cases that are found give us valuable lessons and help us be prepared in case the same situations arise at our front doors. Together we are learning how to keep our families safe.

I look forward to learning and growing more with the @familyprotection community and hope to write more in the coming new year. I hope many families are helped and supported by this community because we need each other.

Wishing All of You and Your Families a Safe, Protected and Happy New Year!

Please support @familyprotection because...



Spreading Awareness to Project Families from being Torn Apart by Child Protection Services or Social Services.


Thank you @markwhittam and @canadian-coconut for creating this awareness community and keeping it thriving! Thank you to all of the writers that continue to contribute! Many Blessings ~

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It is always a pleasure to contribute to such a wonderful and beneficial community. I will never stop supporting this cause. Thank YOU for your continued support :)

Thank-you so much for re-capping all of your best @familyprotection posts, and for the touching poem.
This is great!


It was truly a pleasure. I enjoyed looking back on what I posted and it gave me some good reminders. I’m glad you enjoyed reading the poem again, thank you!

You put out some really powerful publications to this community. Congratulations on a years worth of work.


Thank you so much Metz. This community and its cause is dear to my heart.

There is nothing so important than the protection of our family. I admire you for your dedication and care in this area. So many heartbreaking stories of which carries long-lasting emotional or mental issues. Strength to you in forging ahead.

All the best in 2019.


I couldn’t agree more! Thank you so much for the encouragement and your support :)

All the best to you in 2019 as well ~