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RE: How I Could've Lost My Kids For No Good Reason

For every one child CPS actually saves from an abusive household 9 children are arbitrarily taken from a loving household. At the end if the day I see at least 2 issues at play:

1- social justice warriors looking to save he world one child at a time, but really what they are doing is thriving on the drama and god-complex they undoubtedly have because of some childhood trauma they themselves received. They want meaning from their own trauma and they like controlling others, it gives them purpose. Unfortunately, many who go into the Social Science exhibit these two traits and there for there is a predominance of them in CPS.

2- money. Simply put. The social workers, judges, foster care, etc all make money from children becoming wards of the state. It's another way to make money off the backs of tax payers. They might mean well, but at the end of the day, if Uncle Sam wasn't paying their bills they would quickly find another line of work where they could create drama and control.


When my very good friend in my town had Social Services after her,
the Social Worker even admitted to my friend that her own children had been put into foster care!
Plus the woman showed obvious signs of using hard drugs (another friend of mine confirmed this.)

In other words, many of the Social Workers that they hire are extremely MESSED UP themselves!
And these are the people who are supposed to be determining if we are good parents or not?!

That's insane! How could someone be allowed to continue on if their own children have been taken away!? There is a rumor about a social worker here in our town who sleeps around and has a bunch of STD's. My husband's friend in high school sat down in the basement smoking weed all the time and his mom was a social worker!
On top of that there are so many truly abusive or severely drugged out parents out there who get completely overlooked while loving families are broken up. It's all screwed up.

Wow, that's extreme. How can these people even do the work I wonder? I had one that told me that she was now living on her own when not long before she told me that she had 4 kids...Which means that she moved out and her kids were with the dad...that should tell ya enough.

I've sent @snowpea a comment on her blog that I hope you'd see about CPS regarding your comment:

these are the people who are supposed to be determining if we are good parents or not?!

So true. The social worker I've been dealing with the last few months told my daughter that she trained as a hair dresser. Her friend then told her that they were looking for social workers at her job and that the pay was good...that's why she is a social worker..for the money. She should have stuck with hairdressing...

Thank you for your comment, you seem very knowledgeable about this subject. They want to save the world or at least start out that way, but I think often the power goes to their heads or they get jaded. My second social worker was very young and believed in building relationships with the parents. She was chastised for it at one of their meetings. Perhaps it's only a matter of time before she changes too...