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I seem to have peculiar thoughts this morning as my mind goes over the mishaps many have experienced by the hands of our so called Child Protection Service agencies. With every article I read this morning, my heart laments: 'The price for Silence!'

It is said that: evil prevails when good men do nothing

Things got as bad because the good men,some who were even victims of this abuse of power kept quiet. They did nothing!

Nevertheless, It is extremely commendable to see that we have awaken from our slumber, thanks to @familyprotection which gives us a unique opportunity to speak up and cause changes. We have realised that even though one voice may not sound so loud, one voice from so many, with an amplifier(@familyprotection) can sound so loud as to get Global attention.

Let's not stop here, Let's hear your story, speak up and speak boldly. We care for our children and the bond between us is no casual one. Let's keep writing, be encouraged; it's not all about the money, it's about a real change we seek to effect, a change that the generation that follows will thank us for. Be their heroes and heroines. We kept silent and they took our children from us, we kept silent and our children were assigned to foster care homes and group homes, we kept silent,our children were further abused in those homes, we kept silent and we were not allowed to see our kids, we kept silent because they would not let us defend ourselves.

Our silence is costly,it has cost is too much already.Speak up, speak out, break the silence, effect the change!




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