Family services movie

Ok. Everybody knows I’m a filmmaker and I care about social services corruption. So sent this as a pitch to my producers.

The next step is finding funding to be able to write it, bust as you can see it’s a pretty dark story involving kids being taken for no reason, and forced sterilization. (In Canada... in this decade). Drives me nuts.


Thinking about what Adria said about rewrites and I think that Carmen’s story needs to be rewritten to fit what’s happening now.

Her story line should be replaced with:

Keep in mind every event listed below ACTUALLY happened in the last two years

Carmen is married to a good guy, both have good jobs. They e overcome the Indian curse... or so they thought.

Carmen gets pregnant and is happy about having a baby

She gives birth, but under sedation she’s told by social services that if she doesn’t consent to sterilization she won’t see her kid. So she consents... under medication.

This actually is how they did it... on 2017

So social services takes her child, without giving an explanation as they’re required to do under the law. (Again, this is happening now)

So Carmen and her husband go to court to get their kid back, they can afford it but the government refuses to give a reason so they have to file a separate application to a reason. (Yup, true events... not once, but how it’s done)

The judge orders a reason, So social services says they took the child because Carmen’s father was in the system. (In reality, the case I’m following it was the grandmother who was in foster care for a year so they took her granddaughter)

So with the reason they go back to court and argue they need the kid back, the lawyer for the government points out the child was put up for adoption and adopted by a white family. (Keep in mind at this point they still don’t know if the child is a boy or a girl, social services says that’s to protect the identity of the child)

So now they have to file an application to have the adoption overturned, which is going to cost them about fifty grand and they’re running out of money.

Carmen goes to the doctor for an exam and finds out her tubes have been tied so she can’t have any more kids.

She has a compete breakdown and destroys her apartment.

They contact the friendship centre and find out they aren’t the only ones, at which point Carmen spearheads a class action lawsuit having given up ever getting her child back.

The community comes together with funding help and she’s surrounded by a room full of native women looking to fight back.

We end with Carolyn Bennett being told and her response is “can I have one day where I don’t have to deal with Indians.”
(Yup. This is how she described Indians in front of an Indian)

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