B.C. steps up on Birth Alerts

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Birth Alerts are when the nurse or doctor at the hospital contacts Child Services about a new born; it’s supposed to report abuse, drugs or other issues that put the child in danger.

Sadly, it’s being used to report minority families for having a minority child; Services comes in and writes down “neglect” as a cover and the kid is taken out.

This has led to some high-profile cases in British Columbia in which children are taken away from their parents within 30 minutes of the birth happening, and most of those cases they don’t have a legitimate reasons to actually apprehend the children; which turns into a legal nightmare for the parents

After a recent report... two actually... showing that birth alerts were racist and being abused... BC is saying they will be looking into them.

Which is great, we’ll be getting a third report?

The trick is keeping the government Countable in the situations and forcing them to actually put a stop to the birth alerts, which should be easier to do when the third report comes back but unfortunately it should actually happen now.

The child taken three months ago in the first 20 minutes up north is still in the system, her parents are still fighting for custody.

It shouldn’t still be this blatant.

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