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In our world we are born unloved but there are people who are willing to love, care and give everything that they have, ready to sacrifice to grow up and fear God. They show how happy they were when they came to their lives and they reflect what the love and family mean.

My family is my inspiration .They give love. I was happy because they were my family. My father and my mother are the important people & nbsp; my sister is the one who makes me happy. In our family we experience people's life trials but when we are completely unable to give up & because we know in the family we get the courage to overcome the pain we feel.

My family shows how important it is to love each other. In the family everything begins to work well and respect other people. they provide our needs. Family romance is an important storm where we give each other. A strong family is a cornerstone of all the great nations.

Photos are mine

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The success and or failure of a man starts and ends in the family. Happiness and prosperity derived from a peaceful home cannot equate anything. I wish everyone a happy home.


Thanks for that wonderful comment mate. I wish it to

Our Family are the most important people in our lives . We should cherish all the moments we could spend together . Trial may come but we could face it together with our dear family . :) Your post is very inspiring @acandal20 . :) Keep up the good work .


Thanks Mrs

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