Hearts Day is Chocolate Day (Thanks Papa)

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Happy Hearts Day, beautiful people!!!

How was your Valentines? Did you go on a date? Or was it just another ordinary day?

In my case, it was another ordinary day. I worked the whole day, watched anime, read manga, etc. Well, it's normal but papa bought something for me and my mama.

Do you wanna see it? If so, continue scrolling below. ☺



Yep! It's chocolate rainbow cake and red wine! We just ate it because I also just finished my classes. So mama and papa waited for me so we can eat together. :)

Papa also gave us a lot of sweets!! I'm so happy! ☺


This bunch is for me. There are some pocky, 5-stars and macadamia... It made me so happy. Yay! Thanks papa!

Of course, he also gave some to mama. :)


Mama loves Toblerone and Cadbury... Yummy~!!

So many sweets... but of course, this will last a while. It's crazy to eat all these in one sitting, isn't it?

Anyway, I hope you had a happy day today! Every day is Hearts Day, so let's spread love. 🥰🥰🥰

Thanks a lot for checking this post out! Have a great one! 😘


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Awww that’s sooo nice of your dad to have you both as his valentines! ❤️🥰
On valentines I was waiting for my baby to come.. He came much later haha..

I saw your baby's picture a while ago... Such a cutie! <3