A new chapter in our lives

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Summer is here and almost gone and I haven't posted anything in over two months. As I mentioned in previous posts we've had a lot of things happening in our lives that have hindered me from focusing on posting. Prior to my last post, we were blessed with taking care of our grand daughter Klarrisa.
20190521_131617 (2).jpg
This pic is on the day we picked her up to bring her to our home.
She just turned two in July. Our lives have changed, mostly for the better. But nearing 60 years old; Andrea and I were not expecting to start raising a child again. Now I know why God stopped letting seniors have children.
20190522_095518 (2).jpg
She is highly energetic and gets into everything. We are constantly on the watch to see what she's up to; Hence the phrase "Terrible Twos"
20190526_113529_1558892418088 (2).jpg
While snacking at the table, she got hold of some papers.
20190601_123155_1559429097782 (2).jpg
Visiting the local pet shop.
20190609_085629 (2).jpg
Play time at home with her toys... and pet toys.
20190616_174548 (2).jpg
Coloring time at the restaurant while waiting for our food.

Klarissa has been in our care for just over three months. We are getting used to having a toddler roaming around and we are certainly getting some much needed exercise.


Wow that is a big change in your lives. It's good of you to take on such a difficult task as a lively 2 year old. She looks lovely

She is adorable when she wants to be :-D

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