Vlog - Kids Explore and Review A World Inside a Book: Gruffalos, Dragons and Other Creatures

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Discover Story Centre in Stratford

Yesterday was another rainy day in London and I was looking after 4 kids (3 of my own and their friend) on their Easter break. I decided to take them all to Discover Story Centre in Stratford which is not too far from us. I’ve vlogged/blogged about this place before and have been several times with my kids.


New Exhibition

They have a new exhibition on (well since October 2017!) which the kids had not seen so we hopped on a bus and went to check it out.


I love this place so much, it’s wonderful so see kids using their imagination and seeing books turn into 3D!





It cost £22 altogether for us to get into the Centre and visit the exhibition (you have to book time slots for this). It was a great day out as as you can see, the kids thoroughly recommend it!

MummyImperfect x

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Your photos are always something l simply cant stop looking at..thanks for helping to bring out the best in kids. True parent @mummyimperfect


This comment made me smile :)


Hahaha...guess l made some misspellings ..lol but thanks so much for the correction sweety..this is so amazing


Thanks for reading.

Your little one looked so naughty at the slide :-D. Looked like a fun place to be for kids, it must have been difficult to get them out there.


Lol yes she’s very cheeky!
They all really enjoyed it.

A soft spot in helping children is a heart of a woman who is child-like. You’re beautiful!


Thank you :)