Things People Say To You When You Have Three Daughters

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Those of you who are familiar with my blog know that I have three daughters aged 9, 7 and 1 and half. Since becoming pregnant with my third daughter I noticed that lots of people have something to say about the matter!

Here are some things people (friends, family members and random strangers) have said to me after they found out I was having a girl. I've put my responses down too:

"Never Mind" - I kind of expected a congratulations but OK!

"I feel sorry for your husband" - Why? He's fine but I'll pass on your concern.

"That's always the danger in trying for another baby" - I thought the danger was that there could be something wrong with the baby? Or are you trying to say that the gender is wrong?!

"That's going to be expensive!" - Three kids are expensive regardless of gender....or did you not know that the dowry system has been outlawed?!

"The fourth one will be a boy" - Can we please focus on this baby right now instead of an imaginary fourth child?!

"Yay! Girl Power!" - I hugged the person who said this!

Since having my third girl the random comments have continued:

"OMG three girls! You have three girls?" - Yes these things do happen.

"OMG it's going to be a nightmare when they are all teenagers!" - Probably but I'm trying not to think about that right now! Anyway, aren't all teenagers potentially nightmares?

"OMG your poor husband! I feel sorry for him!" - Why? He's still fine but I'll pass on your concern. And why is no one feeling sorry for me? I had to go through labour and give birth to these kids!

"The world is such a dangerous place for girls" - True. Sometimes it is, but you can help by raising your sons to respect women. Plus we're teaching all of our girls self defence so they can kick ass when they need to.

"Are you going to try again for a boy?" - Nope. Shop shut.

And lastly

This was an exchange between me and my husband the other day:

ME: What do you think about this skirt with this top? Does it look good?
HUSBAND: I gave you three daughters so I wouldn't have to deal with this!
ME: silently leaves room to ask daughters

In all seriousness though I love having three girls. My husband and I are trying to help them to become strong women. I'm sure there will be challenges ahead but we will face each one as it comes.


MummyImperfect x

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