7 Weird Abilities That Women Develop When They Become Mothers

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No one ever tells you about the side effects of motherhood, and I'm not talking about physical ones (those deserve a post of their own!). You find yourself doing the most bizarre things, developing special powers and weird habits.

Here are a few that I've personally experienced:

You hear your child crying as soon as you turn on the shower


99% of the time, your child is not crying. I'm not saying that all mum's have totally lost their minds. I read up on it a bit and apparently it's a hormonal/maternal instinct thing where mothers need to know their babies are ok at all times.

You develop cat like reflexes


Mums develop the ability to spot a child falling off a chair from the other side of the room and leap to grab them before they fall. They also do this when they see a cup of juice about to fall out of a little ones hand or an ice cream about to topple onto the carpet.

You think it's ok to use saliva as a cleanser

mom spit sprayer.jpg

Before having kids I vowed that I would never turn into the type of mum that does this. Yet here I am! Most of the time I have baby wipes in my bag but end up using spit anyway. Seriously it's something I can't control! It must be an animal instinct. Hey if cat spit is good enough for kittens, my spit is good enough for my kids. It's when you use your own spit to clean an (unrelated!) grown up's face that you might have a problem.

You turn multi-tasking into a fine art


Everyone knows that all women are naturally good multi-taskers. However, once you have kids you have to juggle a lot on a daily basis so you have to step it up and multi-multi-task! It gets a bit much sometimes though and you do end up not enjoying the present as much as you should. I once, without realising it, made a shopping list in my head while reading my kids a bed time story!

You can read your child's temperature by kissing their forehead


I now only use a thermometer only to prove to non-believers (my husband!) that I'm right!

You scan a room for sharp objects as soon as you enter it


Apologies if you ever see my walk into a room and my eyes are darting around like a madwoman. Know that my mind is working like a computer, scanning for sharp objects, hot drinks on table edges, breakable vases etc, and medication left lying around (for some reason my parents, who have 5 grandchildren, always have all of these objects on a low level table every time we go round!). I then use my cat like reflexes to remove these objects before my kids get to them.

You start talking to yourself


Well it starts off by narrating everything to your little one as you're going about your business. But then you find going on a (rare) shopping trip without your child and saying in a really loud baby-ish voice "shall we go and get some nap-naps now?". Cue weird looks from everyone within earshot!

If there are any that you think I've missed, or weird habits that dads develop, then let me know!

MummyImperfect x

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Woq and it sounds very creazy too..thats qhy you guys are always celebrated...babies make you behave like them sometimes..or that wont fit thoae wierd stuff?? @mummyimperfect


They sure do! :)

I haven't used a thermometer in ages... I can tell the difference very well between hot as in kid having a cold and too hot, which is not good.
Mostly I've developed tics - like saying 'calm down' even if it's not my kid acting up... or when we wait to cross a road I need to say out loud "Green" the moment the lights turn green... and still my youngest doesn't pay enough attention.


Hahaha! That makes me feel better about my own behaviour :-D

Wow!!! Some great Psychological and Gynaecological research.
@mummyimperfect permit me to rename you "Mummyperfect".
You hit a great point for new Moms.
How is your baby doing?


The babies (all 3 of them!) are doing well :)
Thanks for reading.


Wow! You got a Triplet?


No, just 3 kids aged 9, 7 and 1 but I call them all my babies :)


Wish them more of God's blessings

Hahah this was great! I definitely relate to quite a few things on this list.. Especially "turning multi-tasking into a fine art" and "talking to myself"!!

Also, I just saw that I completely missed the short film you and your girls did :( Just watched it now and it is soo sweet and funny!! You must be so proud of them! What a great activity to do together, makes me want to make a short film with my girls too now!! Have to show them the video in the morning :)

I'm really looking forward to finally getting to meet you and the girls, and getting the families together (soon hopefully!), have heard a lot about you all from Tony! Hope all's well :)


Thank you :)
Yes it would be lovely to meet in real life! hopefully one day soon.


Definitely :)

...medication left lying around...

I can spot a random pill on the floor from the next room over. How is it that my in-laws, who have to take these pills, fail to notice their medication going onto the floor instead of into their mouths?