He Can Call Me Uncle Lyd

in family •  2 months ago

My brother and his wife welcomed their first child into the world recently. He was a little under 8 pounds and full of spunk, much like his daddy.

Beckham is the first great grandchild on my dad’s side of the family, and subsequently the first grandchild in our family.

To say we are happy and excited is rather obvious. Both momma and baby are doing well, and all signs point to a little rascal of a boy - not surprised at all considering who his papa and pappy are.

My mom used to say she was raising her husband when my brother was growing up. Any parent who has welcomed a grandchild into the world knows the smile they have when their ornery child has their own child.

I’m sure the stories will only get better as we watch little Beckham grow up. Perhaps we will have the glint of joy in our eyes that his daddy has while holding his baby boy.

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Congratulation , its awesome:)

Congratulations to you and your brother lydon - it's the circle of life - bringing to mind one of my favourite quotes from Voznesensky:

We shall repeat ourselves, I know,
In friends. in lovers, in blades of grass,
And then, one or another will replace us.

Little Beckham is already taking his place in your family


Beautiful words from Voznesensky, John.

Beckham is much like his daddy already. We train them to be better than us. So the circle continues.

Lol congratulations, he's a cutie.

That's makes me happy to know congratulations :) Uncle Lyd ; )


Lol, thank you, @blazing! ;)

Congratulation on being an uncle....Pretty sure you would make an amazing one, now is a good time to start thinking about Christmas presents lol


Lol, so it begins. Thank you for your confidence, my friend. I enjoy kids so there is some probability in being a good uncle there.

New babies are so fun! Exciting times for your family and blessings to you all! :)


Yes they are! Our family loves little ones and caring for them as we do each other. Good to hear from you!

A perfect bundle of joy! Those photos will be treasures for generations! Congrats to all!


He is a bundle of joy. We all enjoy him immensely. Thank you, Melinda!

Wonderful good news, Uncle Lyd! :)




Yes it is, my friend! :)

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Hello Lyd, really, the boy looks a lot like his father, a drop of water, LOL. I'm glad you have so much happiness. Receive my affections


Thank you, Felix! He does indeed look like his daddy!

Cute kid.
They grow very fast and before we know it they would go to college soon and we are old.

You'll make a fine uncle! Congratz!


Thank you! Looking forward to playing with my nephew.


Thank you, Paul!