A relief to the soul

in #family3 years ago

Are you down? Thinking, when will all be well? Please don't give up on what you're doing or what you know how to do best because things will definitely fall in place sooner or later.



Are you experiencing a troublesome neighbor at the moment, just be calm. Be prayerful. Do not give up. You know sometimes living with a troublesome neighbor can be very frustrating. Just do your own part by being nice. Be peaceful with him or her. And believe me, one day that very neighbor will come to you for forgiveness.

Are you stranded? Thinking that when will a better job come? Do not give up because your best is yet to come.

Tough challenges happen to great people while easy things come to the ones that do not want to engage in fatigue. You are strong! so do not give up on your dream. And that's why its being said that your best is yet to come because your latter will be greater than your past.

Are you going through a boring relationship? Feeling that your relationship is about to crumble? Please do not feel that way. You can still fix things back. But firstly, are you doing your path as a partner? If you are then try out new things like going to the gym, an eatery or to a beach with your spouse. Trust me you'll be fine.

I just thought of sharing this with you, you're great. You are beautiful.

Have a lovely weekend.


Thank you so much. @ mustard you have really made my day. God bless you.

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