Strawberry disasters and university graduations

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You'll be pleased to know I've returned unscathed from my weekend away in Tasmania - I was there to go to my brother's graduation as an Nautical Architect (Engineer), in case you were not aware. I had some flight issues here and there, delay's as often happens, however overall it was a good trip...If more rushed than I would have liked.

I was there primarily for the purpose of going to the graduation ceremony which was pretty good - The first non-military graduation I've seen.

I'll be honest though, the military ones are cooler. There was still some pomp and ceremony on the weekend though and overall I think if I was one of those graduates who have put so much work, for years, into study I'd be happy with it. I was very proud to see my brother up there...Yep, I got a little teary and couldn't help but wonder how my parents may have felt if they were around to see him graduate.

I got to meet some of my brother's friends after the ceremony and we went out for a little celebration dinner and drinks on Saturday night with them. It was all very nice, and also great to see how respected my brother is by everyone there, lecturers included.

I also got to meet my sister in-law and my nephew for the first time. Various factors, mainly distance and money, have meant we have not had the chance until now. (It's a long story). I was pleased to see that my nephew of 16 months took to me really well and we're good mates now - I even started teaching him bad habits as is the right of bad uncle.

We went went to a strawberry farm on Sunday morning, for breakfast and to pick some strawberries. There may have been some strawberry-picking-disasters during the process, like when the green stem comes out of the strawberry and stays on the plant...Those ones had to get eaten right there and then of course, but otherwise the process was smooth. We ended up with about 3 kilograms of strawberries...So, plenty for a little snack. 😁🍓

We headed over to a place called Cataract Gorge, just out of Launceston, for a walk and some coffee later on. I snapped this image of a peacock there.

From there it was over to the airport for my flight home.

I'm pretty tired from the weekend right now but sitting here in my office on Monday morning I'm also pleased I was able to attend the graduation. I feel so proud of my brother and sister in-law, not just for the degree, but also how they managed to keep everything together over the years it took.

The cool thing is that my brother, his wife and lad are heading here for 10 days and should be arriving tomorrow. We'll be spending Christmas together before they start the 4,500 kilometre drive home. I'm looking forward to their time here where we'll go and do some tourist stuff and a lot of hanging out...Especially with my new little mate; My nephew.

2020 is going to be a good year I think...I have a good feeling about it. 2019 has been very difficult for Faith and I which you will know if you follow my blog. It will be good to round it out with some family around.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week ahead. This is my last week at work for the year so I'm reasonably busy but am looking forward to my time off...So, happy to work for it this week!

Get after it y'all!

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Do they taste as good as Finnish strawberries?.

Will be great for you guys to spend some time together and just chill out and di family stuff.

Hmm, well I'd have to say yes. They were bloody awesome! Don't worry though...I ate heaps just to make sure I wan't basing the decision on only one. Or two, three, four...Or 10. I wasn't able to take any as I was flying interstate so yeah...Had to taste test...A lot.

Looking forward to them being here. Hot week for them though. 40-44 all week.

Glad you made it back home fine. A quick but good time in Tas by the he sounds of it and don't teach new mate to many bad habits 🤣

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I'm only teaching him good bad habits. 😉


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Damn straight you should be proud of him. That stuff is tough especially with tiny children (been there done that). Glad you were able to make it and that you got to eat all of the strawberries XD

Yeah, I can only imagine...I don't have kids but my wife has to deal with me the biggest kid ever so yep...Feel sorry for her. 🤣

It was a good effort by my bro and his wife.

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How nice, to get 10 more days with your family! That means a whole lot more of good/bad uncle 'fun time.' Enjoy that nephew of yours!!

Yes, I'm looking forward to hanging out with them. More chances to teach the lad some more bad habits his dad has to sort out later! 😉

Aha. The joys of Unclehood 😃

It's the uncle's prerogative to impart bad habits to their nieces and nephews. 😮

I'm not actually teaching them too bad habits...Starting with the basics...Fist bumps, funny faces and the like...Nothing bad really.

I think he is very blessed to have you as an uncle.. Im sure you will give him much and humor are mighty gifts.😃😄

My wife and I don't have children so we put a lot of effort into our niece and nephew. I'm not sure if you know but one of my other brothers is on here an his daughter, my niece is @smallsteps. She's in Finland though. I miss her a lot.

I will look her up on here!

I am glad to hear that your brother's graduation went well and you finally met his family.
That is a beautiful photo of a peacock! When I was a kid, seeing photos in school or movies (cartoons mostly) of peacocks, I thought that they were such mythical looking birds. I seldom see peacocks, and the last time was ages ago when one afternoon in the backyard of a friend's home, we heard very loud caterwauling that consisted of three very loud bleats that made me wonder what could it be. I have never heard that sound ever! Then there it was... a long, green "thing” that looked like a tree branch. It turned out to be the tail of a peacock. I remember being so amazed and thrilled but disappointed that it did not spread its tail the way peacocks are usually shown in photos before it disappeared into the shrubs of the open space.
O am glad you made it home safe, @galenkp! Have a lovely week, take care🥰🌺🤙

Hey there, yes it all went well and it was good to see them. They arrive here this evening for 10 days so I'm looking forward to that.

Peacocks are amazing creatures really. I didn't know they flew but they were in the trees at Cataract Gorge and I saw one fly down. Not good fliers though. Interesting that the males are the ones with the big tail feather plumage, not the females huh? It's an amazing display and a reminder how amazing nature is.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope you're well.

Howdy sir galenkp! That sounds like such a great trip and some good memories. Can't beat ripe strawberries right from the field!

Yeah it was. I got a little teary at the grad...Shh, don't tell anyone. I had so many strawberry picking mishaps in the strawberry fields...I think I started to look like one. Was good fun. I have great photos of course, but they show my nephew and I won't post them here.

Good policy, about the nephew photos.

Yep, I wouldn't put my own children on here so it's the same with my brother's. If I put a pic of @smallsteps here, which I've only done a couple times, it's only after I seek permission from @tarazkp. Just makes sense.

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