My 5 year old girl's first computer puzzle game

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This is the first computer puzzle game designed by my 5 year old daughter.

The game is called "Can you find my name?" She typed a bunch of random characters on the screen mixed with her name 'Zoey' in it. The rule is you must not use search. Because the first time I cheated by using search function :) Then she fixed the bug by applying more strict rule. She challenged her mother. It took her mum around 20 seconds to figure it out. It's easy but still it's a fun game.

Puzzle Game

Her name is Zoey, can you find it?

This is very basic and easy game. But this is where great fun game starts from. I am very proud of her coming up with all these.

Funny Faces

Did some funny faces afterwards.

I myself is a developer, I enjoy programming a lot. I hope my daughter can learn at least some basic programming skills. I don't expect her to be a programmer, but learning how to deal with computer and think in more structured rational way will benefit her. I got some iPad Programming Apps for kids, such as Daisy the Dino, Cargo-Bot.

Daisy the Dino

Daisy the Dino (iPad App)


Cargo-Bot (iPad App)

I found them quite interesting, but she seemed not that into them. Do you have experiences or suggestions?


Wow, your daughter is really talented @boombastic you must be a great father and teacher. +1 :)

@boombastic Yes, looks like a true talent. I can recommend the app "Move the Turtle" which teaches kids programming skills basics and the two of you might enjoy it.

And thanks for your funny faces pic. It made me laugh out loud - which rarely happens when I read content :)! Cheers!

@boombastic Super cute! Get her programming asap! Biggest regret I have is not having done it a decade ago when i wanted to. So much harder finding the time now with a bairn in tow!

did she program the game? if she did that's impressive.

Hi @boombastic Congrats to you to your cute daughter and ur family. More blessings.

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