in family •  2 years ago

Hi everyone i know some of you already meet my baby daughter. She's turning two months soon, and she grow so fast i can't even carry her too long.

I can still remember every detail when she finally came in our life. I'm so happy and when i gave birth i was so excited that i don't even feel that much pain. I didn't take any pain killer and all that.

February 12AM when i start to feel the pain of labour, 5 hours later and she finally came via normal delivery 😊

My Serena Isabelle is happy to meet all of you guys! Have a Blessed day

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Glad to hear this worked out!

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What a beautiful baby!! Congrats :)

She is beautiful Nyl.
Motherhood is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Now that my kids have grown I'm looking forward to grandbabies one day (hopefully not too soon) -- so I can give the babies back! LOL


Thanks @merej99 I know it is, on my first week i don't know what to do. My body aches after giving birth. 😂
but you know what i like her eyes she has grey eyes 😍


I noticed that! My oldest son was born with beautiful gray eyes and now they are green.