2 Weeks old, and a change begins

in family •  last year


Our youngest son Finnegan is 2 weeks old now, but before his birth were some on going issues. Namely our 'wants to be a baby still', newly 4 years old middle son Bruce. When you already have a bit of a struggle with one of your children, it can be rough to introduce the baby into the mix.


Surprisingly, Bruce has been a nice, still scary, older brother. Around from a desire to scream in the newborn's face while he sleeps, and place strange objects on top of Finnegan, he has been somewhat nice and curious in a gentle way. Which is to say, it's a huge surprise because Bruce is the roughest child I've ever encountered. I know I haven't been entirely patient about his wildness, but some days I'm able to remember properly that he's just boy that really needs attention. You get lost on yourself between self researching and caring for a newborn.


Regardless of my rough patches with Bruce, it has not dampened my experiences with Finnegan. Bruce makes life a little worrisome, and causes a lot of unnecessary stress. For example, he has taken to just walking out the front door at any given time, regardless of his state of dress.


Sometimes though, he's wonderfully sweet, and I'm so pleased that he is able to be like that.

(Finny lies in the boppy, and Bruce stays close.)


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