Government Involvement in Vegas- Alternative Media - Being Patient with Friends Questioning the Official Narrative

in falseflags •  last month

Still no evidence has surfaced of real victims of the Vegas shooting.
We have all seen a lot of bad interviews with crisis actors.
My research from the Port Arthur Massacre, which was a very real mass murder -up to today, there are so many anomalies in so many official stories.
Been watching Ole Dammaguard, who is still promoting David Icke, it makes me wonder how Ole can't see through the gatekeepers.
Is he another "friendly"?

So many people paid to look and act like troofers to missteer, gather donations, collect and corral everyone to take no action as a group.

The thing is these people are all playing a part in enlightening us all, one way or another.

Thousands of people paid to act in these "drills'-black psy-op events.
Please be patient with those who are questioning the official narrative.
Look at the history of gun control and genocide
Please be patient with friends

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