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almost 24 THOUSAND views and only worth $1.65 in steem.........WOW! seems kinda strange.

Far out man, 28,000 views- people are quietly watching and waking up

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I'm just a minnow here. Nobody throws me any shekels. LOL
People are even stingy with their upvotes. Most of these people don't have a Steemit account so they can't vote. I've been sharing my link on different platforms to get some views. I wish we did get paid by the views... I don't care about the money..... I just want people to see this information... They're starting to share this information and that's a good thing.... Please share this and my other post with all your friends.... The Florida shooting was fake... The Sandy Hook shooting was fake.... The Las Vegas shooting was fake... All of these were fake!!!!!! They are attempting to take away our 2nd Amendment rights!!! By scaring the citizens into giving up their guns.... (((Problem--Reaction--Solution)))... I would encourage anybody reading this to go buy another gun or two.... After every false flag shooting buy another gun..... Send them a message that you don't believe these false flags and hoaxes!!!

(((Please read my other blog post.))) I have some huge red pills regarding Q Anon!!!!
GOD bless

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You can Resteem it or copy the web address and paste it anywhere you want.

The part up to the end of David Wheeler I totally agree with, and was written simply and well. I haven't researched enough to agree or disagree with everything from there on. Thanks for sharing what you know

Those pictures are telling. There was a ton more evidence like this that was flagged and taken down in the weeks following the Newtown event. Wish I could find it.

I'm linking to this post in an article I'm writing about Alex Jones and free speech.