Kavanaugh Circus Continues: Cory Booker swiftly brings coffee to Ford during hearing?

in #fakenews2 years ago

Full Article Here

Evidence that the #Kavanaugh event has literally turned into political soap opera and reality TV. Can you imagine a 'professional' news source wrote this? Is this journalism? Are we watching news?

Really, go read it. It's the equivalent of a Hollywood star reporting trash article. You got no smarter reading it.

Let's talk about how Kavanaugh is actually unqualified. He was behind the Patriot Act and thinks bulk collection on US Citizens is compliant with the Fourth Amendment.

Spoiler Alert: Cory Booker is running for President next and the media will print anything (ANYTHING) to put him in a good, sympathetic light.

This excuse for NEWS from the New York Post has been repeated on USA Today, The Hill and others

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The FBI should be investigating Feinstein, Ford and her lawyers. Just for once I would like to see the left held accoutable for their corruption.

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