[The Musket] Bolsonaro Announces Construction of Mega Tourism Project in the Amazonia

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Source - Brazil's newly elected President, Jair Bolsonaro, answering questions at a press conference.

Manaos, 01/11/2018 (The Musket).- The elected president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, announced at press conference the creation of a mega tourism project in the Amazon. The project, conceived as a means to stimulate the economy in the depressed region, is an essential part of the new socioeconomic policy promoted by the newly elected president.

The project, which will cover an area of about 12,000 hectares, will exceed the area of the Walt Disney World complex in Florida and, like it, will consist of many theme parks and hotels. Bolsonaro explained some details of the construction, deadlines and financing to successfully complete the project.

The first phase will be concluded in mid-2020 and includes the construction of a theme park, restaurants and hotels set in the colonial period, but adding great castles, battles and a realistic experience for the visitor.

"We want the tourist to experience with the utmost realism the living conditions of a settler, we want him to breathe the smell of blood and sweat into his dented armor while he hits enemy heads, to enjoy the sensation of knocking down enemies and being served by slaves"... " We wish to give our visitor a total, unforgettable experience, that our guests experience the anguish of the Inquisition, the simple pleasures of rape, that smell the fear of slaves and doomed to awaken the wrath of their masters"... " We also want to give our visitors a total, unforgettable experience, that our guests experience the simple pleasures of rape, that smell the fear of slaves and doomed to awaken the wrath of their masters"... "We truly want our guests to experience the simple pleasures of rape, that smell the fear of slaves and doomed to awaken the wrath of their masters"...

For the financing of this first phase, Bolsonaro counts on the cooperation of different multinational companies interested in being part of the great project, from pharmaceutical companies such as Bayern, through automobile companies such as Mercedez Benz and Volkswagen, large construction companies, adult entertainment consortiums, to hotels that see the possibility of participating in one of the largest projected works in South America as a great business opportunity. Donald Trump confirmed in a press release his interest in investing on the project.

As far as construction is concerned, the first planned difficulty relates to the relocation and maintenance of an enormous amount of labor in a remote and almost inhospitable area, but Bolsonaro dismissed the objections. He said:

"Brazil has enough people willing to join efforts to complete this magnificent project, we have thousands, millions of people who will undoubtedly move to the area to put their arms to the order of progress. In addition, as part of the growth measures for the Amazon region, we will promote a program of new communities in the Amazon where we will take the new settlers, who will initially be builders and then workers of the park and other facilities, thus guaranteeing homes and honest work for a long time.

Faced with the interruption of his statements by the CNN journalist calling his campaign and policy "extreme right", the Brazilian president-elect, without flinching, described them as exaggerated, confirmed that he is a conservative and opposed to the normalization of behaviors that he considers alien to the traditional values of the family, but guaranteed that he will not disrespect the rights of citizens who differ from his ideas. He continued:

"Before the construction of the complex itself, an arduous task of ground movement must be carried out, so the first step is the establishment of the mentioned communities or colonies. The colonies Arbeit macht frei will be formed by single citizens of any sex, without discrimination. I invite all the deviants, the Indians, the blacks and communists to put their grain of sand in the construction. I can anticipate that my economic team is considering providing advantages, subsidies, scholarships and special fiscal incentives to the citizens of these groups who join the project.

"It is a magnificent opportunity to escape oppression in the big cities, in these new colonies all citizens will be welcome without any discrimination, the facilities are designed to give maximum comfort to workers, we will have recreation areas surrounded by electric fences, gardens, sports fields, restaurants and spas. Also, for those who prefer it, we will have huge public bathrooms with saunas and jacuzzis as well as communal dormitories.

"Come brothers and sisters of the oppressed groups, this is a great opportunity to found an Amazonian utopia of tolerant communities in a spirit of harmony and justice, let us give an example with this project that we are able to build together a strong and tolerant Brazil, Let's civilize the jungle, abandon your banal citadine existence and join efforts in this great initiative, don't be afraid of mosquitoes or beasts, come to the communes and you will never want to leave again" said a smiling but sweaty Bolsonaro as he crossed his fingers under the table.

This is a satirical article written by @jcalero for "The Musquet", a project promoted by @mosqueteros. It's a lie, don't believe it, but there's so much nonsense about Bolsonaro and his supposed fascism that I wanted to make fun of. I'm not sure he' s as bad as we're told, but one thing's for sure, the same media that demonize Bolsonaro remain silent when it comes to a leftist politician.

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