Putin Is Against Globalism And The New World Order. - So Is Trump. - So Am I! - What Say You?

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This is an excellent video from SGT Report on Youtube. Here is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2nQYGjfe9I_tgWpqgJorUg
Whilst the Western MSM constantly attack both Putin and Donald Trump, this video
should really help open our eyes to the truth about what Putin AND Trump both stand for. The MSM have chosen to ignore
the devastating revelations of Pizzagate and the massive worldwide Paedophile
rings which criss cross politicians, judges, police chiefs and top government officials WORLDWIDE.
It's time the truth came out and STAYED out. Main Stream Media IS THE FAKE NEWS - PERIOD.

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It's very interesting post!!
Thank you for sharing :)
Poutin is power ..!!

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nice post!!!

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Wow! following.

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Thank you @basicshari!