"ThisIsFake" - A chrome extension that highlights all the "Fake News" in your facebook feed [Help censor your friends!]

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Sick of "Fake News" in your facebook feed ?

You may be interested in this new chrome extension from Slate Magazine :

This tool both identifies articles in your Facebook feed that intentionally spread misinformation and allows you to tell your friends when they're sharing a fake story. When you connect This Is Fake to your Facebook account, you can also flag fabricated stories for our moderators. Be a good citizen of the internet and help the truth rise to the top of your Facebook news feed.

Here's an example provided by Slate :

Uncle Arthur spreading dangerous misinformation again.

Fundamentally this is actually an interesting idea, I just wish it had been created earlier by anyone else.

In the current context all I can see is yet another propaganda tool, seeking out messages that the administration doesn't agree with and providing "counter-factual narratives" for you to copy paste as comments to your social network..

I'm sure this sort of tool definitely won't be abused immediately , I mean just look at all these glowing reviews already :

Jordan Ledy's words must be saved for future generations to facepalm over :

it's not that it's "fake," but that it is clearly biased towards that politician's agenda. It is not trustworthy as news because it has a purposeful agenda, unlike the NYTimes or Washington Post.

It's so lucky the Washington Post has no agenda, especially since they own Slate. Exactly what is "fake news" isn't clearly defined , and recommendations/flags are driven by user input - but ultimately Slate magazine has full control to moderate who gets flagged or not.

This is the same Slate magazine that said not even a week ago that we should stop calling everything fake news.

I have not tested this extension because I'm boycotting chrome/chromium , and I STILL haven't got my FB account back after previous fuckery anyway.

Hopefully someone can give it a go and figure out :

Is Steemit flagged yet ?

For more information please see the Slate article titled - Only You Can Stop the Spread of Fake News , the official site at thisisfake.org and the chrome extension page .

~ @ausbitbank ~

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btw I highly recommend The Corbett Report channel.

hehehehe this is funny.

Pretty soon everything will be fake, from hair to boobs to news that is not telling you what you want to hear.

They'll be telling me that aliens are fake next, and that Barack Obama is a fake American.

I know one thing that is true however, no patter how much the powers that be might try to cover it up or deny it - the truth is out there -
my wife makes awesome bacon and eggs for breakfast!

Deal with that Slate Magazine!


It's true I tell you!
I had a breakfast meeting at my house for some guys at work and she cooked breakfast for us.
Everyone loved it!

So it's not just me that thinks she is awesome. It has been verified by independent sources (and tummies).
If you don't believe me, jump on a plane and come down here and I'll prove it ;-)


I admit NOTHING!
Except that my wife is an awesome cook. The testimony from the others is freely given (especially if they ever want to come here for breakfast again).

I can point to many other studies as well - scientific studies! that prove my wife is an awesome cook, and that her breakfast is amazing.
jsgf dfglsdf lsfldfk -

whoops sorry about that. Was drooling into my keyboard and it made the keys all sticky.....


LMAO! I needed that right now.

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