Better of alone than with fake friends

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I’ve come to a time in my life when it’s better to have no friends, than to maintain false and forced friendships. Although it’s nice to have someone who’s always there for you, sometimes people aren’t what they seem. Here’s how to recognize a fake friend.


They only talk about themselves

When you’re telling them about your problems, they don’t even bother to hide the fact that they’re bored. They will find a reason to leave without helping you or they will change the subject. They’re never interested in you.

They are always busy when you need them

Exactly when you’re asking for help, they will tell you that something came up and they can’t help you. Instead, they will always ask for your help, even when you have your own problems. They can call you at 5 in the morning to complain or to ask you for money, even if you need it more than they do.

Fake friends make bad jokes about you in front of others

They will criticize you in front of people. They will tell you if someone has said something bad about you, but they will never stand up for you. They will never make you compliments.

They make you feel bad about your success

When you tell them about your success, they always say that it’s not a big deal, or that you haven’t accomplished so much. When you will fall in love, they will tell you that love is an illusion. If you tell them that you’ve got a promotion at work, they will tell you that your coworkers will hate you.

They talk badly about you behind your back

This kind of people love to gossip. They will accidentally tell everyone your secrets, and don’t even try to get mad at them, because they will make it seem like it’s your fault.

A fake friend uses people you know in their own benefit

Be aware of your other friends and family. Fake friends will always try to get close to them in order to use them.

They envy you

The sad truth is that, when you have a problem, they are happy, and when you’re happy, it makes them mad.

Thanks for reading, @jwolf.

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I've had a few fake friends, best to leave them behind :)